Needless to say, the SCV sponsored car was not allowed in Sat (2-7-09) race, NASCAR  got their greasy fingers into it. Here is a new race date.
Dear CiC McMichael,
I hope you are well. Tonight I will be finalizing the details with ARCA and the Hylton Motorsports Team. The events up to today are as follows:
I contacted a representative concerning placement of our logo and contact information on a car running at Daytona during the opening weekend races. We talked about different options for different races. It became apparent that NASCAR was going to be difficult concerning the use of our logo because of the Battle Flag so we opted to deal only with ARCA. ARCA proved to be a very Southern Heritage friendly organization and approved our design quickly. They then supplied us with a computer rendering of how the car would look. We were very impressed with the look of the car and were happy to sponsor the legendary driver, James Hylton and his team.
Two days before the race I inquired about the car as I wanted to make sure all was well. I learned that NASCAR although not part of our negotiations with ARCA got themselves involved and insisted that they had to also approve the paint scheme for our car. They told our team that they had not approved the use of the Confederate Battle Flag and our logo contained the Flag so they had not made a decision as to whether or not we would be able to have our logo on the car. This was unacceptable. Through consultations with you, the CiC, we decided to pull our support for this race and shift it to another venue more friendly to our cause. Even though the team wished to leave our name and contact info on the car for qualifying, it is best to move on to a race that will display our logo.
In place of this race we will be sponsoring James Hylton as he drives his famous number 48 car in the Carolina 200 at Rockingham, North Carolina on April the 19th. At this race we will not have any interference from NASCAR and will be able to run our car with full SCV regalia, which includes our grand logo. We should all "Rally at the Rock" and cheer our team to victory.
I am still working on other details that will further enhance our relationship with ARCA and the James Hylton Motorsports Team while giving the SCV the best exposure for recruitment and branding opportunities.
As for Mr. Hylton’s opinion of the SCV, he is firmly behind our efforts and wishes to join us as quickly as possible.
I look forward to sending you more news soon. Thank you for your confidence and support.
Respectfully yours,
Michael Givens
Lt. Commander-in-Chief
Sons of Confederate Veterans