I am a historian and teacher and I am a member of the SCV in Arizona. For over three years now I have stated that NASCAR can drive all its cars into the lake and leave them there for all I care. I am not much of a racing fan anyway. A Greek philosopher stated that if all the athletes in the ancient world were twice as strong it wouldn’t change the world for the better or something to that effect. This applies to NASCAR in all aspects. As for my response to the rabid anti-CS and Southern NASCAR stance- I do not allow NASCAR emblems, telecasts or any other things related to NASCAR in my home or on my property, period.

NASCAR is NOT welcome or allowed in my world.

If every Southern man and woman followed this rule– NASCAR would likely go broke and that would be a valuable lesson for them to learn. I understand that the "CEO" of NASCAR stated that the Mexican flag is welcome at NASCAR events. Welllll, this bloke doesn’t know enough about Aztec history to fill a small thimble. It is on record that the Aztecs were the most hated people group on this continent for the entire history of the populations of the Western Hemisphere. The Mexican flag has the Aztec symbol as its centerpiece. What did the Aztec nation live and die for? Constant warfare to completely and blatantly dominate surrounding tribes and nations (gotta keep them Indian neighbors in their place through subjugation, genocide, abduction and tribute), and to perpetuate SLAVERY for their labor force and to supply victims for their unending mass human sacrifice to pagan deities reeking of decades of accumulated human blood. Even the Spanish under Cortes were revolted by this ungodly people. How did any Aztec symbolism become culturally, morally, socially and spiritually acceptable to modern, enlightened, educated, and otherwise sophisticated Americans??? I teach the students in my history classes the truth concerning Middle America. Maybe the current NASCAR CEO didn’t pay very close attention in the history classes he took in Middle and High school or else he is just an ignorant SLOB.

As for all the wimpy, scalawag so-called "southerners", damnyankees and biased "disadvantaged" minorities that support NASCAR- piss on them too. My wife is from an Indigenous minority (in Mexico) and in coming to the USA became instantaneously ADVANTAGED— NOT DIS-ADVANTAGED!!! I hear this term "dis-advantaged minorities" often in academia and I don’t see any connection to reality in this phrase. But then, what possible connection could neo-liberals and looney left-wing extremists have to reality? NASCAR is PC. NASCAR is BS. Therefore, To hell with NASCAR. (Negatory Assn. of Scalawags, Crybabies, Aztecs, and Radicals)


Silas Griffin
Douglas, AZ