To those among us who try to appease the NAACP & organizations like them. Let us cut to the chase on this subject once & for all. The ONLY reason they attack our history is to use it for political gain today, in modern times. This in & of itself should sound warning bells to everyone among us including the dumbest politicians.
Right or wrong it is impossible to undo history & correct any real or imagined injustices to any group of people. For a person who has never been a slave to claim that a person who never owned a slave owes them anything is about the tallest height of stupidity. Everyone needs to accept it as such & treat it as such.
They care nothing for history but, how many more drops of milk they can squeeze from it today although it has nothing to do with anything today. I get so tired & worn down hearing some SCV member explaining how many blacks fought for the South so, they should love us.
Even though some blacks did serve the South, to the NAACP & organizations like them who control the minds of 95% of blacks in America, it wouldn`t matter if 500 trillion had served in the Confederacy, it still doesn`t get them the thing they want from the government or American society today. Political whining & crying does & we are the best last excuse they have to stand on in an effort to legitimize their " give me something for nothing " rants & raves. We are being used as their scapegoats & the government needs to realize this fact.
They won their Civil Rights in 1964 & Lyndon B. Johnson add special rights & privileges to that during his presidency. So, we really aren`t equal as the government affords them more than they do you & I. Yet, they remain the National Association of Always Complaining & Crying People. This will never change no matter what you or I say or do.
To continue to try this approach to gain acceptance in the general black population is not only an attempt in futility but, stupidity as well. Until the average black starts thinking for themselves instead of letting a black organization do their thinking collectively for them this approach is a waste of time that could be spent on promoting real Southern history & heritage.
I have said this a million times but, I will say it one more time for the record. The ONLY way to deal with organizations like the NAACP is to sue them in court & empty their treasuries every time they try to meddle in our business & cross the line denying us our constitutional / civil rights. ( yes we do have them too, we just don`t use them )
Of course this would require some intestinal fortitude from our leadership to do this but, too many of them seem more interested in scratching their personal egos & pushing their own agenda`s for their own personal gains instead of taking the time to unite & actually stand up to our enemies & uphold their duty to the offices of their respective Southern organizations.
How much longer is retreat going to be the order of the day? I suppose until real leaders without personal agenda`s emerge in the South.
Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama