Re: York NAACP troublemaker wants Confederate flag removed



Upon reading the article at the following article link "York NAACP troublemaker wants Confederate flag removed from business SAYS FLAG AN OFFENSIVE SYMBOL OF RACISM" Charlotte Observer, NC, which was posted on SHNV earlier I find myself engulfed with anger, dismay, to the point where I am simply livid.

I have spent nearly my entire life striving to be a good human being. By that I mean, I have worked real hard to keep an open mind, as well as an open heart to the differences that make up the individualisms of race, colour, creed, as well as beliefs in regards to being as true to what our creator set forth in his wants for us.

I certainly am no choir boy, I have faltered, failed, backslid, and on more than one occasion I’ve been down right bad assed.

I am not proud of any of those traits; but, I am not too ashamed of them either for they have played their part in who I am.

I continue to make comparisons of the similarities between the American Indian and Southron worlds in regards to the cultural genocide being waged against them. With each new day, my past words seem to gain more substance and "proof", cause each day the one sided sword of political correctness, combined with the overwhelming greed of the self centered Rev’s and political types in their two thousand dollar suits , take a bigger swipe of rights from all of us old school traditionalists.

I would say to anyone who approaches me about takin’ my flags down " I have fought record labels and management agencies to keep my symbols; (Indian and Southron alike), I have fought public school teachers and their boards as well to see that all three of my children could express their pride in the symbols of their cultures and heritages while they gained an education.

I am too old and set in my ways to change now. So to those fools out there who would come to tell me take down my flags I simply say "Ya best pack a lunch cause you’re gonna be awhile."

T Warren

………."Even before my father’s father, they called us all rebels, burned our cornfields, and left our cities level. I can still see the eyes of those blue bellied devils, when I am walking round tonight, through the concrete and metal."

Tom Petty… "Rebels" from the "Pack up the Plantation" cd….