Upcoming march against Dixie Outfitters in Columbia,S.C.
From: LESLIE Tanner

I was at work yesterday listening to the radio, when a upcoming event was advertised, paid for by the NAACP came on. The event being spoken about, was a march against Dixie Outfitters. The NAACP wants to ban Dixie Outfitters ( clothing, bumper stickers, and such) from being sold at public events, and even some stores, pretty well anywhere the logo can be seen to possibly offend someone of color. The NAACP is planning to march up to and around State House grounds in Columbia, SC. I personally think that this is infringing on my rights as well as anyone who proudly supports Dixie Outfitters and their meaning behind the logo.

I am proud to fly the Confederate flag on my person, vehicles, and anything else I see fit. Until people really understand what the flag flies and stands for there will always be controversy. I hear everyday the ignorance of people who just won’t take the time to read the history books. If people would take the time to educate themselves on our history, they’ll find out that it IS NOT A MATTER OF WHITE VS. BLACK. It actually is a symbol of remembrance of our white and black soldiers that died side by side, together, for what they believed in.

I found that I was really offended by this advertisement being aired on a public station. If people want to march about something let it be about the ignorance that is being spread, the hate that is being taught and handed down to our children. I am sorry if this email offends anyone, it wasn’t sent for that purpose. I felt that the upcoming march needed to be posted and spoke out against.

Leslie from Johnsonville, SC

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