NAACP Vows to Intensify Boycott


Dear Mr. Aiken,

In your recent article about the NAACP’s on-going but ineffective boycott of South Carolina’s tourism industry, you stated, "Given his opportunity to move South Carolina forward and bring untold millions to the state’s coffers through tourism and NCAA postseason events, Gov. Mark Sanford last week declined to take a role in removing the Confederate flag from the State House grounds."

The fact of the matter is that it is Gov. Sanford who is taking the opportunity to move South Carolina forward, and the NAACP that is demonstrating their lack of modern-day relevance by their insistence in continuing their so-called boycott of South Carolina’s tourism industry. The facts and figures clearly demonstrate that virtually no one is paying any attention to the tourism boycott, because tourism dollars have actually increased quite substantially during the "boycott." Even the national NAACP office has admitted that the boycott is not being adhered to, and has therefore been totally ineffective. The NAACP’s insistence on continuing with this charade displays nothing more than mean-spirited bull-headedness, and makes the entire organization look worse the more they try to push the boycott.

The truth of the matter is that even the State Legislature has stated that they are going to take no further action on the matter. As far as the legislature–and the legislators, including the black legislators–is concerned, a compromise was reached, agreed upon by all parties concerned, the removal of the Confederate flag from the Capitol has been accomplished long ago, and the matter is closed. There will be no further discussion of the subject!

The NAACP–and apparently you–need to look forward into the future instead of continuing to "stir the pot" of racial discord, and move on. The deal is struck, the flag is moved to an appropriate site–the Confederate soldiers’ memorial–and the matter is settled. The NAACP’s boycott was a poor idea in the first place, since it would have hurt black South Carolinians as much as anyone else, and it has no effect whatsoever on improving the lives of South Carolina’s black citizens, which should always be foremost in the mind of the NAACP.


David A. Anthony