NAACP wants to stop private display of Confederate Battleflag

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Welcome to the Age of Totalitarianism, where all loyalty must be given to Leviathan. Like the three empires in 1984, the all-powerful, all-compassionate Federal government is a jealous government, and grasps perfectly well what could happen if its subjects are allowed to keep beloved symbols of the outlawed past. And just like the socialist rulers in 1984, the current regime has its Ministry of Love to enforce approved thought and behavior:

The president of the western York County NAACP chapter wants a flag that pays homage to the Confederate flag removed from in front of a downtown business. … Western York County NAACP president Steve Love said he’s fielded numerous calls complaining about the flag, so he’s asked the antique gun magazine’s owner, Brett Boyd, to remove it.

It’s a little sad—and quite maddening—to see the usual defenses offered against the stale charge of “racism,” but here they are:

Love said he considers the flag offensive—a symbol of racism—but Boyd said it’s a part of history and he doesn’t intend to offend anybody.

“He’s a nice guy, nice as you want to be,” Love said of Boyd. “My thing is, why fly the Confederate flag outside? Why not fly it inside?”

Boyd explained that it’s a way to honor his grandfather, who fought in the Civil War.

What Mr. Boyd, and millions like him don’t get is that our enemies fully understand why he’s flying the Battleflag. Of course he didn’t mean to offend anyone. He’s only honoring his grandfather—and that’s exactly why they don’t want that flag displayed publicly.

The NAACP’s purpose in the present regime is to smash traditional society and pave the way for an ever-ambitious government to run everything. The regime and all of its little helpers understand full well what Edmund Burke meant when he said, “People will not look forward to posterity, who never look backward to their ancestors.” In other words, the continuity of the present generation and the past is a critical guide for free men. Honoring the values and traditions of a viable culture ensures that culture will survive. Destroy that vital connection with people’s roots, and they will have to depend on Leviathan for guidance.

When they attack that flag, they’re not attacking a piece of cloth—they’re attacking us.

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