Intolerant bigots strike again


Mr. Demastus,

Thought ya’ll might like to hear the results of the City of Douglas GA commissioners vote on the Confederate History Month Proclamation that the mayor promised to sign and invited me back for a signing ceremony last night. Trouble is – a local naacp troublemaker got involved and got the ear of the mayor and 3 other black members of the city council.

The mayor just unilaterally deleted the ceremony and called me to say I was deleted from the agenda and that he "was not going to sign" the proclamation. I attended the meeting and was allowed at the end to speak and I called for a vote on the proclamation. The rhetoric from the black members of the commission was as expected – the same old tired slavery line and the resolution was not passed.

But the OUTRAGE of the evening came after the vote when the naacp troublemaker stood up and said the following (paraphrased) with regard to our Confederate Heritage: "It’s like going into a house that stinks of piss – you wonder how the people that live there can stand the piss smell – then you realize that they are so used to smelling piss that they can’t smell their own stink." And there you have all you need to stand up for our history and our heritage – because if you don’t – the naacp will rewrite it.

Marc Reed
Douglas GA