If it were not for the NAACP trying to legitimize its existence in the 21st century by creating Southern heritage debacles in local & state governments our heritage fights across this nation would almost cease to exist. The NAACP is the number one group among many that would completely erase all of the South’s past & most likely its present & future too. We are their target because they WON their civil rights movement in 1964 & really have nothing left to fight for. All their civil rights battles & thus the war for those rights were won. As a matter of fact, I contend that they now have more rights than any other group in America, albeit SPECIAL rights. In most cases when a white person complains to our government about a legitimate problem they are more often than not completely ignored or thrown out on their heads. If a black member of the NAACP sees bogeymen behind every tree with a Confederate flag, real or imagined, every law enforcement agency in America goes on red alert & no expense is spared from local governments to the national level in either finding these ghosts or creating an antagonist in their place. Guilty or not someone is going down because the NAACP says so. Since 1964 instead of the NAACP attending to the real needs of black society in areas of lagging behind in education, welfare, crime, drug abuse & out of control unwed birth rates they target our history, heritage, culture & all symbols of it. This does not solve the problems that plague many blacks but, it does take their minds off of it & it also gets votes for black candidates by giving average blacks another make believe monster to fear & HATE. It also achieves the NAACP’s ultimate reason for these attacks; it drives their membership up & keeps those dollars coming in. When they have achieved their goal & we no longer exist what will the NAACP do to give itself legitimacy?

Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama