Greetings Chuck

I read with great interest the article on the NAACP declaring war on our CBF. Do these people really believe it is the right of any minority to trample the History and Heritage of proud Southern People? Is it any less noble to be a Southern Confederate-American than an African- American? Do they really believe our right to exercise our pride in our Heritage should be any less than All the others who scream for "Diversity" and "Tolerance". We need to display anything connected with the CBF, belt buckles, hats, bumper stickers, clothing and most of all display the CBF. We need to go on the "Offensive" and put their so-called "Odious" blight right in their Faces. Why do they think they are anyway? I don’t care how much money you’ve got or how much power you have, all a man leaves in this old world is his seed and as long as a Southern child exists, it is our duty to Guard the Sacred Trust of their Heritage, that we may pass it on when they are able to carry it Forward into the Future.


Bob Kline
Petersburg, VA

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