NAACP boycott is over, Ford says
The DAILY BUZZ | Overheard at the State House.
Charleston Sen. Robert Ford, who is seeking the Democratic nomination for governor, declared the NAACP’s tourism boycott of S.C. over.
The Buzz seriously doubts Ford has that authority.
But that did not stop the outspoken former civil rights advocate from making a decree from the Senate floor.
Ford cited an upcoming religious convention in Columbia, where 12,000 Methodists from three different branches of the church are meeting. The NAACP has not discouraged the meeting.
That, according to Ford, means the boycott is finished.
"The fact that these black (Methodist) churches will come here and spend millions of dollars simply means the NAACP’s boycott is officially over," Ford said. "So we can invite the NCAA tournament back."
The civil rights group has discouraged tourism spending in this state so long as a version of the Confederate flag flies on State House grounds. The NCAA has complied, keeping playoff tournaments out of the state.
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