My Two Confederate cents worth
Southern people have born the tsunami of ignorant commentaries by generations of Lincolnites. We tirelessly respond with the one wall they cannot breach, truth. I offer these truths to all Yankees and anyone who sympathizes with them. Our land and our culture are your target of ridicule, yet you sacrificed untold numbers of lives to possess this place you claim you despise. Your hordes come in endless torrents to our homeland to make your fortunes, raise your families, obtain your educations, and spend your golden years awaiting death. If these Southern people are looked at as the inbred ,ignorant, and lazy, then why do so many of you strive to live among us? If the North is such a wonderful Shangri-La, then why in the name of all sanity would anyone leave it for such a wasteland as the Southern States ? I say you leave the North because your methods have rotted it’s core and you move South to escape the monster you have created. Volumes of hateful rhetoric will always be written about the South, and few of the authors will have researched the history or it’s truth. Americans have been fed the lie that is it’s fashionable and acceptable to vilify anything remotely connected with the South. The word “slavery” and “South” have been welded together by a distortion of history. Slavery never was and never will be a Southern issue, it was and always will be an American issue. No state that existed before the War of Northern Aggression is exempt from the slavery issue. All bear an equal share of every detail imaginable arising from slavery. For the born Southerner, it has been laid upon our backs and we unjustly bear the complete burden of slavery’s saga. Our nation was unjustly taken from us by an unconstitutional government and we have no way of seeking justice from the world. The America our ancestors sacrificed to create, ceased to exist with a stroke of Lincoln’s pen. The Northern hatred for us exist because we have a culture they cannot duplicate. We have a drive to maintain our history and are proud of our accomplishments We are despised for it. Our most important shortcoming is we don’t offer enough resistance to the disrespecting attacks made by people who have failed at their own attempts to live civilized. The South does not need to rise again for it has always been and always will be above the predator cultures that rot this country. The mounds of negativity piled on us will never fade our hope this nation will return to values and principles more conducive to a more civilized and progressing society. We will suffer all the blue bellies can bring and still remain Southern. As long as one Lincolnite spews his vile and the nation continues to plummet into chaos from their rule, we will hold fast and rely on one simple creed…Deo Vindice.       
Eddie Grey 
Sgt. John A. Lisk Camp #1502