My 2 cents worth….
If & when secession comes to the 50 States of America it will be because the present system fails & falls in on itself. No one person or group can force this into being no matter how much they wish it was true. It will happen when it becomes a necessity for the survival of the average person in said states, all on its own accord. Given the present economic situation in America it will happen sooner rather than later without anyone doing anything to hasten it. No one has the political or economic resources to make it happen any sooner.
Personally, I would like to see America return to its constitutional roots & be governed the way the founding fathers intended it to be. This is after all the same system of government the Confederacy patterned its constitution & government after.
However, I do agree that we as Southerners & our organizations especially need to confront our enemies in court over their illegal & unwarranted attacks against us & ours. A case in point was the victory in Selma Alabama over the Gen. Forrest Memorial. The sting to their pocketbook will make them think long & hard about confronting this target again. Most of the things I`ve seen our enemies do are illegal & should be confronted in court. We won`t win all of them today but, eventually we will.
Besides, if we don`t challenge them legally on every occasion then it’s a given that we will never win what we never fight for. If we can`t or won`t do this in the safety of a courtroom then I see no chance of us defeating our enemies on a battlefield where some would like to see this fight go to. Personally, I prefer other means short of this played out until fate leaves me no choice.
Billy Price