Re: My Southern Heritage.

From: Craig Maus []
Sent: Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hello Joe,

Echoing Mr. Edgerton’s reply, we are all eternally grateful for your service. Many of us, including myself, have served our country in the past.

I want you to understand something- you are NOT alone as a black man with respect to your feelings for the South and her former Confederacy.

Further, you are entirely correct- the Yankees DID, in fact, re-write the History books and to their advantage. That is a consequence of reality when one side loses a War to the other.

White and Black alike have been lied to ever since.

As a result, Lincoln’s divisive ‘Divide & Conquer tactics resonate to this very day.

There are people within each of our races who PROFIT from this! You are depicted as a quack for your beliefs in the South and we Confederates are depicted as racist hate mongers… and the truth becomes the victim as it grows more distant from each of us each & every day. If only some would take the time to listen and learn, we would ALL ascend to that higher place that God intended.

I would like you to join us in The Confederate Society of America as per Carolyn’s suggestion herein.

HK understands full well what that insidious War was all about nearly 145 years ago and slavery was not the ONLY reason why it was fought. Does anyone from ANY race sincerely believe that of the 650,000 men who died in that War, with over 90% on each side having NOTHING to do with the institution of slavery, would go to War for a SINGLE issue? Of course NOT!

Common sense would cry out to you and say- "It was much more than that!"

And there sir it where the real Truth lays…and there sir is where our roots are intertwined.

Real & true Confederates Joe are NOT your enemies.

All we ever wanted was to go in peace and mind our own business as was the ‘contract’ provided to ALL Sovereign States under the 10th Amendment of the US Constitution. Slavery was coming to an end back then and I make NO excuses for it. But is it not a fair question to ask- Who profited from that unfortunate institution? It wasn’t slave ships from the South who traded for human cargo with the African Chieftains but it was, in fact, slave ships from the North. And they were bankrolled and financed by some of the biggest Yankee entrepreneurs from the North. Northern magnates who made millions of dollars from this and whose ships flew, NOT the Confederate Battle Flag, but, in fact, the Stars & Stripes.

These facts and so, so many others have all become deliberately twisted and distorted over 5 generations and 145 years later.

As mentioned, there are white & black profiteer’s whose interests would be greatly altered if the real TRUTH were to be learned. It would NOT be in their mutual interests!

The only way in which this diversity can be overcome is through mutual understanding & education.

That is the true way to the light, God’s light!

I wish you well and feel free to contact me or any of the members of the board or my Communications Liaison, Scott Fox, copied herein. (

God Bless.

For God, Family and the Confederacy,
Craig Maus, president, The Confederate Society of America
Deo Vindice!
PS- So Goes The South, So WILL Go This Nation!