My response to Col. Bateman
Col. Bateman,
In response to your article "It’s about Slavery Stupid" at

The only reason I am contacting you by email is because I could not get your blog page to work. I could only see one comment out of 59 and I could not post a reply. I had rather exchange facts out in the open so everyone can see them. If you decide to contact me your by email your comments will be posted to the links after this paragraph. As stated below you are invited to a working website that allows non-members to view all posts. If you want to defend your position you are more than welcome to do so. and
Cold Southern Steel at —
First of all the WBTS WAS NOT about slavery at all.  I can prove you are wrong. Your sources are nothing more than cherry picked quotes.
Second, I have documented about 10,000 Negroes who served the Confederacy in one way or another. Feel free to visit to challenge any entry you disagree with.
Third. I challenge you to a civil, factual historical debate. We can use the Southern heritage Advancement Preservation and Education forum at
Leave your insults at home bring all the facts you have, I assure you that you will need them.
George Purvis
Southern Heritage Advancement Preservation and Education