My Most Sincere Thanks and an Announcement
I would like to take this opportunity to thank those here on SHNV and the SWR, who were kind enough to vote for me in the recent SHMA awards. It was a great honour for me to win the Single of the Year Award for "When I Get Home to Dixie" off my "Never Had a Clue" CD.
I would also like to announce that my Pro South  band Border Ruffians are reuniting for a new project tentatively titled Deo Vindice "Back With a Vengeance". All new songs, which have been cumulative written over the past couple of years.
We have decided that it is time to demonstrate once again that a group of Copperheads from above the line can produce music that is Southron to the bone.  We are all looking fwd to the new project with great anticipation.
So thanks again to y’all who supported me and my music in the SHMA  competition,
Special thanks to Brother Ray McBerry at WDXB and all those fine pro South folks that sponsored the awards.
Humble in the shadows of my Confederate ancestors, red and white alike,
T Warren