My letter to Gov. Haley
Hon. Governor Nikki Haley,
Thank you very much for taking a stand against the NAACP trying to force us to not honor our history.
Their complaint would be like saying that the US flag should be removed because George Washington fought the British to preserve slavery.
The US government did not permit Puerto Ricans to display their flag for more than 50 years.
And how times have changed !
I have footage of John F. Kennedy arriving at Love Field in Dallas, being warmly greeted by two exuberant Texans both waving large Texas and Confederate battle flags.
It did not bother anyone then.
I also have a 1962 Sports Illustrated College Football magazine where the Ole Miss Rebelettes cheerleaders are featured on the cover holding up CB Flags.
I also proudly possess 2 of the rectangular CB Flags that previously were flown over the S. C. State House, prior to the 2000 concession to the the NAACP.
You give then an inch and they take a mile.
This is just perpetual Northern interference in trying to change the South in to what some leftist liberals want it to be- that is- Godless subjugates.
God Bless you, Ma’am. 
Chas. Hickman
Ft. Myers, Fla.