My latest to Josh Moon at the Montgomery Advertiser


In what has become the norm for those of your profession you have taken your cheap shot at the Confederate Battle Flag and then climbed back into your hole. Perhaps you think that if you ignore the people you have offended that they will eventually forget what you have done and will go away. Well, Mr. Moon, this is one Alabamian who won’t forget.

You have made comments toward my grandfathers (as well as the 30,000 Alabamians who died) that are both insulting and inexcusable. They were good men and honorable men who fought to defend their homes and their families against foreign invaders. For four long years they fought the best trained and best equipped army in the world to a draw. The Confederate Battle Flag was their flag.

I have made three attempts to invite you to a public discussion on this issue. Three times you have not responded except for the cheap shot that you took in one of your articles.

Given the circumstances, Mr. Moon, I would say that the evidence concludes that you are a coward and not worthy to render judgment on the Confederate soldier. They sacrificed their lives and their livelihood in defense of States Rights. You won’t even defend yourself with words.

Someone once said "Truth needs no defense, only exposure, but a lie hides behind a mask that must be defended." Defend your actions, Mr. Moon. Your integrity demands it.

Robert Powell
Montgomery, Al.