I just recently became aware that a group of seven minority Law students at Washington and Lee University have issued a list of demands to which include the removal of Confederate Battle Flags from the LEE Chapel, prohibiting the Sons of Confederate Veterans from holding a Memorial Service in the LEE Chapel on the
Lee-Jackson holiday, and denouncing the character of Robert E. Lee. This so audacious it is almost beyond comment. Clearly these students are acting on the vow of the NAACP to "remove every vestige from the face of the earth." 

Have Southern people somehow forfeited their right to a heritage?  In no way are icons of black America attacked but respectfully tolerated, and fully honored.  We ask only the same right. These students do not run the University. If I objected as strongly as they seem to, I would simply leave and seek education elsewhere. We all know that Washington and Lee is not a bastion of racism and neither was the Confederate Cause founded on such an evil.  I implore do not allow these seven racist “students" to dictate any terms to you. Your University has the honor to be named for two of the greatest Americans this Country has produced. May nothing stain that honor.
I am respectfully,
John Wayne Dobson
Macon, GA