My Brother
Mr. Edgerton, 
I had never heard of you until today.  I was trying to locate a flag of the 5th Florida Infantry and came across your website.  I watched a video of you being interviewed in Ringgold, Georgia.  I was just shy of a tear listening to you.  During my time as a Dallas police officer I could not display the flags of my Southern Heritage for fear of retaliation from those racists who are in power there.  Once I retired, I flew my Battle Flag at our campsites and was warned by friends that I shouldn’t do that.  I spent some 30 years in police work and never once was complained on concerning my treatment of African-Americans.  I put forth my very best to treat everyone, regardless of race, equal.  Many times I was looked upon with hatred simply because I was white.  It goes both ways.  Growing up in Texas I was always proud of the Confederate flag because I was from the South.  I didn’t think of slavery.  In my later years as I studied history, I learned the truth about the real intentions of the North and Lincoln during those years in the 1860’s and I became angry because of all the lies that I was taught by public schools (and now my grandkids are being taught).  
I see you Mr. Edgerton, I see a Brother.  I want that.  I need that.  But lies have caused our society to separate us.  If I could see you right now, I would salute you first, then I would embrace you!  I will learn more about your organization.  
Thanks, I feel better. 
Gary Grable