USA Today article, "Civil War museums evolve to stay relevant"
Chuck –
USA Today is slyly using Facebook as a means of controlling responses to the article below – you can’t post a comment to it unless you have a Facebook account.  Please urge all your readers who are on Facebook to read and respond to this piece of doofusness:
Notice the article flatly states that some Southern museums are cash-strapped because of the perception that their presentations are “one-sided – or even racist.”  Notice also the “gee-it’s-too-bad-but what-can-you-expect” comments from Museum of the Confederacy CEO Waite Rawles and MOC Library Director John Coski (who of course is the author of the prim little volume “The Confederate Battle Flag:  America’s Most Embattled Emblem.”)  Notice finally the insights of PBS documentary guru Ken Burns, whose series “The Civil War” was “the most-watched public television series ever” – and as elaborate and slickly-packaged a piece of propaganda as has ever come down the pike.  Burns makes the interesting comment that “We” – by which he apparently means the entire American public – “ceded the interest generally to the South, which is unusual, because it’s usually the winners who write the history, not the losers."  Burns apparently feels that heretofore the South has been allowed to have entirely too much to say about the war.
USA Today needs a dose of Dixie.  Facebook members, have fun.
Roger McCredie