From: Georgia Flagger <>
Date: Mon, Apr 1, 2013
To: Georgia Division <>,

1 year ago, the MoC opened a satillite MoC in Appomattox.  A large Flagging took place of the event because Director Rawls, after having just been exposed as a liar, and after the Virginia Flaggers showed the world the cardboard standup of RuPaul in a Battleflag dress that Rawls was going to use, but was forced to remove due to the public outcry, complete with Banner plane flyover.

Today nothing has changed. He is still a member of the Longstreet camp in Virginia,  The SCV and UDC still send monetary donations and still invite him to speak at thier functions, and NO Confederate flag has been placed on the grounds to fly.

Today, the Rawls led MoC has announced that General US Grant is their choice for "Person of the Year"