Museum of the Confederacy
Further to my earlier correspondence regarding the proposed merger of the aforementioned museum, I show here our letter to Waite Rawls (addressed independently to each Board member) expressing our very real concerns. May I ask all of you, if possible to make our voice heard on this matter as time may not be on our side!!?
Thank you,
Ian Dewar
Waite Rawls Esq
President and CEO
Museum of the Confederacy (HQ)
1201 E. Clay Street
Richmond, VA 23219
Dear Sir,
I am extremely concerned to learn from members of this Foundation, colleagues and friends in the United States, of the proposed merger of various, historical institutions including the Museum of the Confederacy for which you have a responsibility as CEO. As President of the 290 Foundation (BVI) Inc., I share the widespread concern this merger will inevitably lead to a real loss in the identity of your museum and what it purports to represent.
Since the opening of the Museum you currently lead, your refusal to fly the flag of the former Confederacy, (despite representation from many bona-fide institution, groups and associations) has been followed by a concerted effort to obliterate all reference to the Confederacy through the removal of other flags and renaming of public parks! The time has come for this to stop! I urge you and the Board you head-up to take a stand, demonstrate your unwillingness to see this trend continue and lead by example?
The very real danger the term ‘Confederacy’ might be lost from any restructuring or the amalgamation of your museum with others, diminishes the importance the term holds for many throughout the US and abroad. The ethic, ideals and indeed the very cause of the Confederacy, are as much part of our joint history as the principles upon which the United States of America were founded over two and a half centuries ago. I would therefore urge you listen to the public outrage your intended action is causing; and stop this merger before it is too late.
I remain sir, your obedient servant,
Ian Dewar B.Sc., F.Inst.SMM., RAF (Ret’d).
President, 290 Foundation (BVI) Inc.
2 Thompson Drive, MOTW.
East Riding of Yorkshire YO25 9TX
United Kingdom