Confederate museum adds to richness

May 27, 2009

I very much enjoyed the recent column by Mary Ann Pires on the artistic and cultural programs available in the Greenville area. Frankly, I was not aware of the diverse art, music and theater venues to this extent in the greater Greenville area.

I wanted to mention a particular and very popular culture that isn’t mentioned or discussed much, particularly in the printed media. It’s Southern culture, and that being said, involves Confederate history. We have in Greenville a world-class Confederate museum on Boyce Avenue, which is owned and operated by the 16th S.C. Regiment, Sons of Confederate Veterans, based here in Greenville.

This museum offers period fashion of the times, and has numerous artifacts, weaponry, pre-war, war-dated, and post-war dated documents and other Confederate memorabilia. Not to mention, period photography of Confederate soldiers from South Carolina and other notables of that era, as well.

Whatever view point you have of the War Between the States, you will enjoy this museum and all if offers visually, and informatively. I collect Confederate documents and memorabilia myself, and have some selected items on loan to the museum. Also, if you’re a native of the Upstate or were born in the South, you can use the research library at the museum, to see if you were privileged to have a Confederate ancestor in your family.

There Web site is Please take time to visit this “cultural richness” as well in the Greenville area.

Buddy Miller