Mr. Pompous responds…
Got a note from Alex Beam of the Boston Globe today. He essentially accused me of being a narcissist.
Subject: Re: Lincoln
Bill, you fell so in love with your own writing you neglected to read the quote from "professor" Ferguson.
“Professor Ferguson is partly correct when he says that there’s a lot of  “cherry picking” going on. What he didn’t tell you is that those who love  Lincoln cherry pick just as avidly as those who don’t. Until that unlikely even happens, we’ll continue to cherry pick – just like our foes do”: and
2. seemingly ignored that the Globe DID publish my column in which Wilson and Livingston’s views were not in fact ridiculed.
1. Glad you liked the writing. But I am not a narcissist as you imply. If I were I’d be working for a rag like the "Globe".
2. I apologize for not having read what Ferguson said more carefully. I have grown too accustomed (and overly sensitive) to "Lincoln Freaks" accusing me of, as Ferguson put it, "cherry picking", and doing so while filling up their own "baskets" to the brim.
3. Your article has more than a tone of ridicule to it – if it didn’t, I wouldn’t have bothered to write. And in case you think that we’re being a wee bit sensitive when it comes to "Tramping out the Vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored" – consider how you might feel if you were the "grapes" in question.