Mr. Franks
Mr. Franks, you Sir, must be an incredible human being. What unimaginable and powerful insight you must possess. This must be true…for why else would you ever claim to have the authority to speak of the personal motivations and beliefs of individual Confederate soldiers who left their homes and families 150 years ago to serve their country? And yes, my Confederate ancestors are deceased, but their blood still flows through my veins and the veins of my children. I personally cannot speak to exactly why my ancestors served, but I can tell you that they were all poor Irish farmers who never owned slaves. Maybe their motivations were somewhat more complex than your statement would have us believe.
Of course, this is just the opinion of a humble Southerner who does not possess the ability to read the minds of his dead ancestors.  Ancestors, who according to my research, were respectable and honorable men.
J.M. Dolan
Chattahoochee, Fl.