By Andrew C. Wallace
October 23, 2009

This was written for the misinformed Black and White victims living under Fascism in the inner cities; and for those who have been screwed out of everything, and will join them in that soon to be much worse living hell. The Inner Cities are “Marxist Utopias” set up for the profit and power of your elected officials who are Parasitic Traitors to you and to the Republic. Both Democrat and Republican Officials are Progressives, that is Marxists, Communists and Fascists, who take orders from the Super Rich Elite owners of large corporations, the media and most of the world.

Warning, Political Correctness is a restriction of Free Speech and is not to be found in this paper. My creditability depends on truth, I encourage you to question my facts, but you cannot do that by using information from politicians or the media. “Am I therefore become your enemy because, I tell you the truth? Galatians 4:16.

The Inner Cities are “False Flag Operations” because average White Americans, who mostly don’t have a clue as to the underbelly of the toxic propaganda being spewed in them are taxed to support them; and are falsely blamed for their existence .The real perpetrators of hell in the inner cities are your elected Progressive, mostly Black Traitors and related Parasites who prosper from your misery, while wanting you dead. You will turn on these lying oppressors when you learn the truth.

If most Americans were Racists, Obama would not have been elected; and Federal and State governments would not be spending one dollar out of seven on means tested welfare for one third of the American population, most of whom reside in the inner cities. Means tested welfare spending is $28,000 per household of four, for a total of 714 Billion dollars, 5% of GDP, which means that two thirds of American households are paying $6,720 a year to support the less productive one third. Social Security, Medicare, Police, and Education are additional costs not included in the preceding. Facts from Robert Rector, Special report #67, The Heritage Foundation.

Brian Riedl of The Heritage Foundation just reported “that our Federal Government will spend $33,880 per household in 2009, the highest level in history adjusted for inflation which is $8,000 more per household than last year. $18,277 per household of the $33,880 will be in taxes and the remaining $15,630 will be debt”. This is impossible to sustain and will quickly result in recognized Bankruptcy and abject poverty for all Americans, except for the Traitors who did the looting. Worthless paper money will not pay for benefits.

Oh, how we are being screwed, let me count the ways. Your fascist government allowed corporations, with the eager support of unions, to employ low skilled foreign born workers for cheap wages to take our jobs. Taxpayers are forced to subsidize these exploited workers, most of whom are illegals, in the amount of about $900 for each American household, (based on Heritage Foundation figures) which are also included in the preceding Brian Riedl figures. Each illegal head of household costs American taxpayers about $25,000 a year after deducting any taxes paid.

Most Racists are the 95% of Black Inner City residents who have been misled to vote for the same Progressive Officials who are responsible for their deprivations and want them dead. It is sad reality, but a large percentage of inner city residents have been taught to blame and hate the White man by Marxist Parasites, such as elected officials, school teachers, ministers of black liberation theology, community organizers like ACORN, labor unions like SEIU, AFL-CIO, and organizations like The Black Panthers, Nation of Islam, Rainbow Coalition, et al. These organizations and people are responsible for preaching hatred of our country, White people and the economic system that allows those so inclined to escape poverty, if they can survive the crime, and overcome the mismanaged and ineffective schools run by their own people. White racism does exist by the Elites, government officials and by those born with a silver spoon in their mouth, but they are also equally prejudiced against poor Whites. Many average white people do harbor resentment because of perceived preferential benefits for Blacks, and for crime rate in the Black community.

If the Marxist System advocated by Traitors you support is instituted , you will lose what you have and end up with less than nothing; because a productive society will no longer exist to subsidize mismanagement, theft and crime in the inner cities. This is an absolute economic and historic fact.

It must be strongly stated that the Treason by Progressive Usurpers in our government who pass and enforce unconstitutional laws is a national problem; as is the reality of a totally corrupt judicial system. All of these Traitors are going to jail if they are lucky. This treason would have been impossible without the corporate owned propaganda media , which refuses to this day, to tell the truth contrary to the intent of the Constitution resulting in a largely uninformed and misinformed population. Thank God for the Internet and Talk Radio.

Cong. Jim Clyburn, third ranking House Democrat, and black caucus member, admitted that he repudiated his solemn oath and was a Traitor to our Constitutional Republic; when, as reported in Star Parker’s column, “he was asked where the Constitution gives the federal government authority to regulate health care delivery, Clyburn replied, "There’s nothing in the Constitution that says that the federal government has anything to do with most of the stuff we do." Clyburn pulled no punches that our Constitution, which is the basis of his authority, is irrelevant to him.”

The greatest political awakening in our lifetime was the Massive Protest March by both White and Black Patriots to the nation’s capital on 9-12-09 which demonstrated to Patriots and Fascists alike that rule by Unconstitutional Corruption and Treason was going to end.

This incredible, first time ever, Protest March on Washington of upwards of Two Million unpaid Patriots is representative of a Massive Grass Roots Rebellion by a majority of the people which cannot be defeated. But, we are also in imminent mortal danger because the Traitors are now like cornered rats; and may resort to the MOTHER OF ALL FALSE FLAG events in a dangerous last ditch gamble; pitting their misinformed inner city Black victims against informed patriots who mostly did them no harm. This would allow the Elites to have their enemies decimate each other, which is part of their ultimate goal.

Another, among many possible False Flag events would be to secretly offer amnesty and other benefits to the illegals to expedite their ethnic cleansing of both poor blacks and whites as they are already being allowed to do. Remember that the Progressives have been trying to kill poor Blacks and Whites for the better part of 100 years. Where do you think Hitler got many of his ideas? For documented details click here.

Hilary Clinton proudly proclaimed that she was a Progressive and was recently awarded the “Planned Parenthood Margaret Sanger Award.” ”Sanger was a proponent of eugenics and initiated the Negro Project to infiltrate the black community to initiate abortions resulting in fewer and fewer black people.”

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said "Frankly I had thought that at the time

[Roe vs. Wade] was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of “ Reported by Jonah Goldberg, 7-14-09, latimes.

Pastor Stephen Broden reported that “14 million Black babies have been womb lynched since 1973 which is over 37% of all abortions . The history of Planned Parenthood and its goals to eliminate black folk is common knowledge among blacks in the pro-life movement. It is well documented that Margaret Sanger sought to exterminate the black race here in America and across the world.”

Pastor Arnold Culbreath added that “abortion remains the leading cause of death in the Black community.”

Professor Carol Swain said “As a Christian, I believe that nations will be judged on the basis of how they treat the most vulnerable among them, and that "We the People" will be held responsible for the collective actions of the leaders whom we elect.”

Forget right and wrong for a minute, and just realize how taxes from those aborted 50-60 million babies of all races, could have saved your Medicare and Social Security from bankruptcy.

Your mostly Black Elected Officials from the inner cities sold you out to their Elite, mostly white bosses, for power and luxury, just like the Blacks who sold their own people into slavery in the first place. Your members of Congress were bribed to vote for Amnesty, Worker Visas, Free Trade, Open Borders, Benefits for illegals, and Massive Payoffs for Banks, Insurance Companies, Auto Companies, Unions and assorted Looting, this is how and why we have all been screwed. We call this Treason.

There would be no more Unemployment, and Wages would go up, if you had the Testicular Fortitude to force your officials to obey the Constitution; by closing the borders, and deporting every illegal in sight, while using whatever deadly force is required. This would end the ethnic cleansing of neighborhoods by illegals who are killing and driving Whites and Blacks out.

You are damn right, if you say I am anti-illegal, they are our enemies who take our jobs and are responsible for either the murder, killing, rape, molestation, or robbery of millions of Americans; while our government refuses to perform their constitutional duty to stop the invasion and deport the illegals. The Progressive Officials you elected allow this for their share of profits from drugs and cheap labor. I dare you to contest these facts, or to call me a racist?

I fear that the Fascist Traitors who have so much to lose will have their Acorn and Union Thugs attack the average White or Black Patriot. This has already started with Union Thugs supporting Obama by attacking old men at the town hall meetings. These attacks were deliberate, knowing that old men realize they can’t win a fight, and rather than being stomped to death, would have no choice but to kill the attackers giving government an excuse to declare unconstitutional Martial Law.

Bray like a Jackass, if you don’t understand now, that Your elected officials support Illegals, Amnesty, Worker Visas, and Free Trade which allows corporations to exploit foreign born workers while firing Americans. A NBER study found that 40% of unemployment of Black males was due to foreign born workers. The corporations and your elected officials get rich while leaving you without a pot to pee in. . Most of us have our roots in the Inner Cities and the only way you will get us back is to bury us there.

Many of you in inner cities like New York are also being deprived of your Constitutional right and obligation to protect yourself from criminals and a rogue government with firearms. If you think our Communists and Fascists are less ruthless than others like Hitler and Stalin, who killed millions, and won’t kill you, think Waco and Ruby Ridge. The only reason to deprive citizens of firearms is so government can take your freedoms and do with you as they please. Firearms reduce crime. The police have never been responsible for protecting you, that is your Constitutional Responsibility. Demand your rights to keep and bear arms so you can defend yourself and family.

You don’t need to be an economist and attorney, to know that government printing of money and looting on such a large scale, while destroying the private capitalistic job creating economy is unconstitutional; resulting in abject poverty and Fascist slavery for all of us.

Most of our officials and judges at every level of government are corrupt. Obama refuses to meet the constitutional requirements to be president, and not one single official or judge, had the courage to enforce the constitution, but that will change. The Patriots in this country, both Black and White, will stop the Fascist Treason of our elected officials and take back our country by throwing them out of office. Arm yourself with the truth by verifying what I have written and join us in our fight for survival.

The Elitists who control the Traitors in Corporations, Foundations, Media and Government are now known; and would be well advised to be guided by Galatians 6:7 Be not deceived: God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

© 2009 Andrew Wallace   

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