Abraham Lincoln and Barry Obama – our most deploreable U.S. presidents

Thursday – June 26, 2014
"Jerryd14 -The War – The Confederate Flag – Southern People and our History"

Lincoln and Obama, what a pair, the first one a war criminal, a man who permitted his generals and others in his military to do just about anything to harm the Southern civilians and military. Lincoln had different opinions as the situations changed, and as time went on, murder, arson, rape, looting, a being a murderous tyrant were all part off his (MO). He suspended habeas corpus, thereby giving full military control and to allow the military to dispense jungle justice on non combatants the same as combatants in many cases across the South, and in some places in other areas of the United States as well. He tried to control many ministers in various churches as they were told not to allow prayers and worship for the South and the Southern leaders. He  started the war when he ordered the nighttime move from the land in Charleston over to Fort Sumter. He refused all efforts to discuss or to negotiate any peaceful settlement in that city. Just as LBJ did in the Gulf of Tonkin incident, Lincoln wanted an excuse for military action in order to stop the Southern states and likely some Northern states and mid western states as well, that were talking of secession. He achieved his goal and invaded the South. By the way, to you morons who continue to ignorantly state that one cannot invade the same country, ”  An invasion is a military offensive in which large parts of combatants of one geopolitical entity aggressively enter territory controlled by another such entity, generally with the objective of either conquering, liberating or re-establishing control or authority over a territory, forcing the partition of a country, altering the established government or gaining concessions from said government, or a combination thereof. An invasion can be the cause of a war, be a part of a larger strategy to end a war, or it can constitute an entire war in itself. “

ps: When a group, state, or such decide to secede, they are no longer a part of that country numb nuts, in my opinion.

Yes Lincoln has a big monument in Washington D.C. put in place by Yankees and democrats from the North and all the many blacks who have been lied to about Lincoln and none of them have taken the time to find out the truth about this long legged scoundrel. Yes he is referenced and quoted and such, but he was not a great man or even an honest man. He had his secretary of war Stanton, his biggest claim to fame was getting a murderer, Congressman Dan Sickles off for murder by reason of insanity, later he was made  a Federal army General, of course you have Grant, Sherman, Sheridan, Meigs, Butler, Burnside, Hunter, Merrit, Custer, and tons more Yankee criminals. This entire administration and military with very few exceptions had no redeeming qualities, decency, or standards of decency in warfare. A Southern person, civilian or military was fair game, very limited distinctions were made by some of these devils.Corruption in the Lincoln administration was rampant, and money, the economic damage that would be felt by the North was the primary driving force that Lincoln went to war over, not slaves, not land, not the constitution, not laws, no, money. Like Lincoln we now have Obama, thank God we are not in a war in America with weapons, but we are in a social war, as Obama is trying to destroy our nation. He constantly is bypassing congress and making laws. While I was and still am totally against the Government screwed up Obamacare system, his democratic friends all voted for this without any, not one Republican vote. It was made law, with predetermined dates, rules, and procedures, yet Obama when things did not work, took it upon himself to change the dates , time after time he violated the law. He has allowed, most likely told AG Eric Holder, do not enforce the nations federal Marijuana laws. The same has been true in Fast and Furious illegal gun sales to Mexican drug cartel members. Again he has corrupted the Veterans Administration, used the IRS to attack and harm his political foes, which is against federal law. the EPA, IRS, VA. JUSTICE DEPARTMENT, are all part of his tool box to be used against his political foes, this is UN-AMERICAN AND ILLEGAL. He has made millions if the truth be told from his dealings and his Chicago based nefarious associates. This man operates above the law, the law is for you and I to follow, but not him, his family, uncles, cousins, or friends. He has blundered in foreign policy as much as one can, he is not trusted by anyone outside his inner circle.

So, I could write for the remainder of the week about this tyrant, but most of you already know what I have written to be factual, and once again in America, we must stand up to this National corruption of our American society by our president, Lincoln in 1861-65, Obama in 2008-2014, so far, as he is not done with his wrecking ball yet.

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