Morris Dees rides again

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Southern Poverty Law Center is all about PC. Not just Political Correctness, which it shovels out by the truckload, but what it’s really about is political coercion — and if it can turn a few million bucks in the process, fine.

So the SPLC’s latest gig should be scrutinized very carefully, and with a sceptical eye. Seems a young man named Jordan Gruver was jumped by Andrew Watkins and Jarred Hensley, two KKK goons. Gruver, who’s part Latino, suffered two cracked ribs, a broken left forearm, and cuts and bruises.

Did someone say "Latino" and "KKK" in the same sentence?

Ka-ching! The SPLC pounced on this case like Hillary on a superdelegate. Their goal? According to Morris Dees, the SPLC’s goal couldn’t be loftier:

Our first goal is to obtain justice for young Jordan Gruver. He has been scarred for life by this trauma. We also would like to obtain a crushing verdict that would put the Imperial Klans of America out of business.

The accompanying SPLC video showcases skinhead and Klan clowns behaving as if they’d been hand-picked by central casting to star in an SPLC fundraising video. It’s all there — swastikas, head tatoos, awful skinhead music screamed by goons for goons. But the real message here is that Dees presents these thugs as representative of the entire border security movement:

Crimes against Latinos have risen as much as 40 percent in some states, driven by the heated debate about immigration. Hate groups are leading many of these assaults. …

The much larger object of this litigation is to shine the light of public opinion on politicians and media pundits who promote bias against Latinos and show the danger of such hate getting out of hand. There are now 888 hate groups in our country, a 48 percent rise since 2000 that has been fueled by this anti-immigrant sentiment.

The SPLC paints two portraits in stark black-and-white colors. First, there are the evil "anti-immigrant" forces motivated purely by blind hatred. Anyone who claims to want Federal border laws enforced actually promotes "bias against Latinos." Morris Dees’ rhetoric and his self-congratulatory video pound home images of white racists terrorizing defenseless Latino immigrants. After all, crimes against Latinos increase yearly. What Dees fails to mention is that as the Latino population expands, it’s going to represent a larger share of all crime in this country. And many urban law enforcement agencies confirm that blacks commit most of the violent crimes against Latinos.

But despite this and other SPLC propaganda, the truth is that whites commit a relatively small number of hate crimes as well. Here, for example, is what the Los Angeles Commission on Human Relations found in its 2005 Hate Crimes Report:

As in the past, there are distinct patterns of victimization. In anti-black hate crimes, 68% of the suspects were Latino and 29% were white. In anti-Latino crimes, 76% of the suspects were black and 22% were white. In anti-white crimes, 72% of the suspects were black, 21% were Latino and 7% were white.

The reason for omitting these inconventient facts is simple: the SPLC aims for sensationalism, not objective truth. Objective truth makes poor fuel for fundraising. And the only truth you need to know is that if you’re not for uncontrolled immigration, then you’re acting out of hate, just like the skinheads. Period.

The other portrait the SPLC paints, representing the forces of light and reason, is that of frightened immigrants and their enlightened champions …

One may wonder why the SPLC would risk charges of adverse pre-trial publicity arising from its sensationalistic video. Couldn’t that harm their case? The answer is in Dees’ previous remarks, as well as in his firm’s past history, which makes clear winning the case isn’t always the point:

In 1987, Dees won a $7 million judgment against the United Klans of America on behalf of Beulah Mae Donald, whose son was lynched by two Klansmen. The UKA’s total assets amounted to a warehouse whose sale netted Mrs. Donald $51,875. According to a groundbreaking series of newspaper stories in the Montgomery Advertiser, the SPLC, meanwhile, made $9 million from fund-raising solicitations featuring the case, including one containing a photo of Michael Donald’s corpse.

Ah, fundraising. Like Dr. Hook, the SPLC seeks more than the adulation of guilty white liberals as they fight for justice and equality:

We sing about beauty and we sing about truth
At ten thousand dollars a show.

As Dees frankly boasts, his other goal is to discredit border security advocates. This, too, is an area in which the SPLC shines:

Thus Glenn Spencer’s grass-roots anti-illegal immigration organization in California, American Patrol, is baldly characterized as a “racist hate group,” while John Tanton, the founder of the Federation for American Immigration Reform and other mainstream organizations, is described as forming a network of “like-minded white supremacist activists.”

The true source of the SPLC’s money and power is its government connections, which are many:

Randall Williams, who worked with the SPLC’s Klanwatch project from 1981 to 1986, recalls: "We were sharing information with the FBI, the police, undercover agents. Instead of defending clients and victims, we were more of a super snoop outfit, an arm of law enforcement."

In short, it pays to serve the king. While it portrays itself as the guardian of the oppressed, the SPLC is an instrument of the globalist cabal that demands an endless supply of cheap, exploitable labor. No matter that economically depressed American blacks and others find it increasingly difficult to compete with Third-World workers willing to work below the going rate. And by continually sounding the white supremacist alarm, the SPLC justifies greater government powers to investigate and prosecute an increasingly beleaguered and intimidated citizenry.

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