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RE: Lawmakers need to let go of flag
Myrtle Beach Sun News

/\/.\/\/. COMMENTS: Yet again the chattering classes are noising up the flag "issue". For anybody recently arrived, the argument that the flag drives tourists away is one of the stupidest lies in the universe. During the main conflict, tourism figures and receipt$ broke all records, even as liberals and junior Marxists were whining that the flag was driving business away. Most people hadn’t even noticed the flag up till then!
It’s too bad if we in SC lose some sports events, but life is supposed to be more than entertainment. Other angles:
* Some people vacation here to defy the boycott; lots and lots come here because of the states Southern/Confederate cachet.
* It improves the quality of the population when the NAACP and other racemongers leave for their conferences and vacations. The only question there is how to get them to stay gone.
* The racemongers not only got the flag off the dome in July 2000, but ground was broken for a $1,000,000+ hate-whitey pavilion (excuse me, "African-American Heritage Monument") that very same day. The latter got screaming national coverage, the former not a word of publicity. The flagpole is right purty but I don’t think it cost a mil.
You can’t appease roaring lions by throwing them your lunch — or your ancestors’ corpses. Hungry lions aren’t rational. Take down the flag and prepare to become dinner.