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Greetings Compatriots,
I hope you are all well. My last post on the Telegraph generated a great deal of email and telephone activity at my house. I reported to you the success of the SCV race car and how it placed third at the Hickory race on July 25th. I also told you about the truck that was in Hot Springs courtesy of James Hylton Motorsports.
I have received a great many emails and a number of telephone calls concerning this project. All of these remarks have been positive and most have expressed interest in our continued efforts in this sort of venue. I welcome any comments on any projects that the SCV involves ourselves with. I would like to share one of the communications with you here.
Notice the comment by the TV producer about instructing the cameraman to get good shots of the car. When I was dealing with NASCAR, I was told that if our car ran it would never be seen on TV. My response was, "What if we are winning?"
I think we are winning.
For more photos of SCV cars and documents pertaining to the speakers’ list project mentioned in my last Confederate Veteran article, please visit my website at: You will see the tab with the car and go to the "articles" tab for the documents.
Lt. Commander Givens,
I just wanted to send you an email and congratulate you and our organization for getting the USAR car sponsorship. I will be honest. I have been a bit skeptical of this project, but it sounds as if it has gone off without a hitch.
I will also say that I work as a non-linear editor for the television production company that got the deal to get the USAR series on television. I personally don’t have much to do with that series, but the other day one of our producers came to me and said that there was a car that was in the particular show he was working on that had the same logo as the logo on my truck. I immediately went to the room where that show was being worked on to see the footage and was extremely pleased to see it. One of our other producers who knows about the SCV and how active I am in it was working at that race as a field producer and told me that he made sure that the camera operator got some good shots of the car before the race. I don’t know how much if any will make it in the show, but it will air August 23rd on Fox Sports Net. Many areas have more than one Fox Sports Net channel, so it may take a bit to find it when it airs.
In Their Memory,
Stephen Campbell Schneider
Commander – Lt. Robert D. Powel, #1817
I wish you all the best and thank you Commander Schneider for the kind letter.
Michael Givens
Lt. Commander-in-Chief
Sons of Confederate Veterans
(931) 442-1831