Even more on Black Confederates
From: regenstein@mindspring.com
Dear Compatriots:
As I wrote earlier, Prof Bruce Levine made a pretty good if one-sided argument on C-SPAN over the weekend for his thesis that black Confederate soldiers did not exist in any significant numbers, or even at all.
I sent him much of the correspondence from SHN&V’s discussion of the issue a few weeks ago, which provides substantial evidence that there were significant numbers of black Confederate soldiers. But he is not interested in discussing or debating the issue or apparently even considering this information.
Below are excerpts from our correspondence, including his email address if anyone wants to try to educate him.
Sincerely, lewis Regenstein

From: Bruce Levine – blevine3@illinois.edu
To: regenstein – regenstein@mindspring.com
Subject: Re: Black Confederates
Dear Mr. Regenstein,
Thank you for your message and the attachments that, at a glance, seem to fill some 20 single-spaced pages.  As you may imagine, the CSPAN show and an Op-Ed of mine in the Washington Post have elicited a large number of challenges.  I do not have the time to answer them all.  May I suggest, for a more extended treatment of this subject than I was able to give in either CSPAN or the Washington Post, that you read the following:
Bruce Levine, "Black Confederates and Neo-Confederates: In Search of a Usable Past," in Race, Slavery and Public History: The Tough Stuff of American Memory, ed. James Oliver Horton and Lois E. Horton.  New York: The New Press, 2006, pp. 187-211.
Bruce Levine, "Myth and Reality: Black Confederates," North & South magazine, vol. 10, no. 2 (July 2007), pp. 40-45.  And the exchanges with letter-writers in the next couple of issues.
Best wishes,
Bruce Levine

Dear Professor Levine:
I enjoyed and was most impressed by your presentation on C-SPAN over the weekend, which I transcribed as best i could and passed on to interested parties…
A Southern heritage site, Southern Heritage News & Views, debated this issue a few weeks back, and some of the evidence presented does seem to confirm that blacks served in significant numbers.
Attached are some of these postings, I would be most interested in your response to them, as they seem to corroborate and document that there were indeed black Confederates serving in the Confederate services.
I will pass on your reply to the website, if that is all right, at demastus@aol.com
Thank you very much for any information/responses you can provide on this issue.
Disclosure: I have written extensively on this subject, having almost three dozen known extended family members who fought for the South, including my great grandfather and his four brothers, and  their uncle, Major Raphael Jacob Moses, who attended the Last Meeting and carried out The Last Order of the Confederate Govt.
Among these soldiers was the first and the last Confederate Jews to fall in battle.
Sincerely yours,
Lewis Regenstein