More news of Fall Muster
Dear Compatriots, Friends, and Reenactors,
If having fun was illegal I should be in jail this morning.  We had an absolute wonderful time at Beauvoir yesterday.  Our Third Saturday at Beauvoir fell a week late this month due to the Chickamauga event last week, but that’s okay.  As the comedian says, we "gotter done".
Our living history effort continues to improve.  Yesterday Compatriot Charlie Thompson brought his cavalry gear over for display.  He had planned to bring his horse but unfortunately she showed out while he was loading her so that part of the plan cancelled.  But none the less Charlie did a good job. 
Bo Ladner, a cousin to our buddy Daryl Ladner, came over with an interesting display.  He had a telegraph set up and in the course of his presentation he explained the use of the telegraph during the WBTS.  It was a wonderful addition to our program and we thank him for it.
And last but not least yours truly brought the Semmes Camp mortar, Matilda, over for the program.  She spoke quite eloquently yesterday.
5th Brigade Commander, Don Green, and Live Oak Rifles Camp Commander, Leroy Waller, stopped by for a visit with us yesterday.  It was good to see them.
One of our last visitors for the day was a family with two young boys.  They had driven down for the day from Jasper County.  I complimented the parents for making the effort to teach these youngsters about our heritage.  Lord knows we need more mammas and daddies like that.  One of the youngsters fired my musket and oh what a thrill it was for him. 
Several of our visitors were local people who did not know about Fall Muster.  They do now and indicated they would be back for the event.  With that being said I urge all of you to get on the horn and get the word out about Fall Muster.  The staff at Beauvoir will be putting out posters about the event next week.  I realize many of you do not have access to the posters but you do have access to the internet and telephones.  So find a way to help us promote Fall Muster.
I must also heap some praise upon our wood splitting crew yesterday.  Wallace Mason, Larry Higginbotham, Daryl Ladner, and Alan Spence finished that part of our Fall Muster project.  We all offer a hearty thank you to these fellows.
As we have mentioned the beautiful addition of Varina’s Garden has caused us to adapt and overcome.  We had previously considered having our sutlers back in the reenactment area.  However, Don, Wallace, and I discussed this yesterday and we made the decision to have a sutler row behind the house and along the south fence of Varina’s Garden.  We believe this will benefit the sutlers and our visitors as well.
The only exception to this change will be Mississippi Pete.  Pete has traditionally set up in the same spot for years so we plan to honor that tradition.
Attention SCV food vendors, the place that ya’ll have traditionally set up has also been affected by the garden.  Therefore we are asking ya’ll to set up in the shady oak grove to the west of the Hayes cottage.  This are offers not only a good shade for the customer but a beautiful view of the Gulf.  We certainly appreciate ya’lls  help and cooperation on this aspect of the event.
As of now we have well over two hundred reenactors registered for the event.  We expect this number to grow and that is one of the reasons we had to reconsider the sutler/vendor arrangement.  If you have not registered as a reenactor I urge you to do so.  The contact for registering you or your unit is Wallace Mason [  or 228-860-3800].
Well folks, let the count down begin.  We are 20 days away from Fall Muster.  Make your plans and make your arrangements.  We hope to see many of you in the President’s yard onOctober 19th and 20th.
Best regards,
Terry W. "Beetle" Bailey
Friends of Fall Muster