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Perhaps the third oldest myth in the universe, right behind Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, is the notion that the Northern white man is and has always been concerned with the welfare of the black man. Two quotes from both of Charles Adams’ books, "Slavery, Secession and the Civil War", and "When in the Course of Human Events", help cast some doubt on this fantasy.

Shortly before Texas left the Union, Senator John Regan of Texas, in January 1861, addressed his abolitionist colleagues in the U.S. Senate with the following question. Note his challenge to them – "You dare not answer me…"

"When in the Course of Human Events", Page 140
“Suppose these slaves were liberated; suppose the people of the South today would voluntarily surrender 3 billion dollars of slave property, and send their slaves at their expense into the free States, would you accept them as freemen and citizens of your States? You dare not answer me that you would. You would fight us with all of your energy and power for 20 years, before you would submit to it. And yet you demand us to liberate them, to surrender this 3 billion dollars of slave property, to ruin our commercial and political prospects for the future.”

In "Slavery, Secession and the Civil War", Page 271, an English journalist writing in 1861, notes the behavior of Northern white men toward "the Negro":

"They do not love the Negro as a fellow-man; they pity him as a victim of wrong. They will plead his cause; they will not tolerate his company."

Bill Vallante