From: Craig Maus –
Date: Wed, Jul 28, 2010

Dear Brethren (bcc herein),
One of the many reasons why most Americans do NOT like any of these Despotic ‘acts’ of legislation that Obama’s 5th column has been pushing and passing, is because the American public is finally awakening to the stark reality that such ‘acts’ NOT only do NOT serve their interests, but equally, that this Federal Government cannot be trusted!
Another act they just passed and rammed down our throats is their Financial Regulation Bill, thanks to Barney Frank (Massachusetts) & his co-conspirator, Chris Dodd (Connecticut), who ‘engineered, wrote and sponsored it.  Never mind the fact that both of these high-ranking Obama ‘Columnists’ are as dirty as the night is long, they are the respective financial chairs within the House & Senate.
Like the ‘HealthCare Bill’ (HA!), in which all the contaminants of that 2,000 + page horror story is beginning to unveil, we now learn that the Financial Regulation Bill ELIMINATES the SEC (Security Exchange Commission) from any public scrutiny whatsoever.  The Freedom of Information Act NO longer applies to THEM (SEC)!
In other words, ANY failure or ANYTHING resulting in corporate failure, misrepresentation, etc. in which there are negative consequences to the general public involving Financial Loss, the SEC can hide everything!
They DON’T have to tell YOU or ANYONE anything other than to go and fly a kite!
Take the Bernie Madoff case as an example under the new ‘Financial Regulation Law as concocted by two of the biggest wheeler & dealers in Congress- Frank & Dodd…. in that case (Madoff) we learned that the SEC simply blew it!  Madoff was given a free pass many times over by the SEC.  Under the old law, that made it possible for the general public to become aware of the shenanigans over at the SEC and that something stunk.  More importantly, that the SEC was in dire need of CHANGE!
Under this new LAW, they NOW don’t have to tell you squat !
Am I personally surprised ? NO!  For this is yet but one more example of many in which lies, treachery, bribes, & deceit have been promulgated upon the unsuspecting American People by a Federal Government and Federal Congress that long ago abdicated itself from Constitutional ‘Representation’.  Hide any ‘Transparency’ (remember that Obama promise) and the Feds can happily continue to hide their failures from one and all!
Oh yeah, this is a Constitutional Republic….., Believe that and I have some great swampland in Florida to sell you.
Again, as this Confederate has always attested, the Federal root of malignancy can be traced all the way back to when it ALL officially began- when the South lost and Reconstruction began- in April, 1865.
Perhaps the contentions WE have made & asserted for many a year now within the Confederate Society of America and those organizations within the Confederate Alliance is finally beginning  to ‘resonate’ with most.
WE can only hope and pray.
OUR heritage, culture, traditions, history and principles have been compromised consistently & regularly over time by these Federals!  These are NOT new assertions by us but ones that we have declared ever since the Society came into being in June, 1992.
We were laughed at, ridiculed and demonized and, at some of our conventions and conferences, spit upon and urine thrown at us.
Most then were not feeling the hard oppression that we predicted would come, enough to want to hear us or get involved.  But times have changed as we knew they would and the pendulum of time has swung its historic time-piece back the other way.  And, predictably, History is again revealing itself for all the naked and ominous contemporary zealotry the Feds have laid upon us that can NO longer be hidden or denied.  It was bound to repeat itself as our Statesman of old said it would.
And thus the hopes and aspirations of countless millions is being replaced with the ultimate ruin of today….the final casualty of any nation of people who have lost their way and have allowed their God to be taken from them!
Once gone,  devastation (social, cultural, economic & political) is what follows.  The end result whereby the general masses become wards of the state for allowing themselves to become Reconstructed & Transformed into prisoners of their own foolishness for not caring or remembering what was given them.  A national cancer has been inflicted upon us by the very people who were supposed to protect us- this Federal Leviathan of Special Interests….but only a Confederate could have known this earlier on as we saw the horrors of their transgressions much earlier when our country (and YOUR’s) was taken from us!
They have plagiarized EVERY aspect of representation and have re-written the ‘rules’ under artificial circumstances, largely created by them, and having followed up with those ‘circumstances’ with precise, manufactured LAWS engineered to perpetuate their fraud upon their own People while advancing their own self permeating expansion under the guise of ‘Social Re-Engineering’.
Thus, YOU & YOURS have become their wards, unknowingly and over time, incapable of reversing the cholera they have infected y’all with because their Federal Law makes any such reversal either illegal or impossible because Federal Containment of YOU is what now Rules over YOU….and it is referred to as Federal Law!
As such, most have been dumbed down over time.  They have ‘bought’ into this Federal nightmare and contributed to their own demise by accepting a seat upon their foolish Federal Stool of Repentance upon which mis-guided guilt was used as the catalyst to steal this country from you!
And just as Arizona is being held out to dry by these same Federal ‘representatives’ for doing what they are supposed to do but are NOT, they are playing Arizona and attempting to depict them as Latin racists in order to divide and separate them from what they refer to as the American Mainstream. (HA!)
In full view, this is what Obama and company is doing as they simultaneously tighten their web of deceit around YOUR necks.
Years ago I wrote about "Saturation Immigration" as yet another tool within the Federal Arsenal of deceit & mis-representation to distract us from the real issue of Cultural & National identity as it relates to our American Sovereignty.
I was simply a Confederate ahead of this time but that did NOT prevent our enemies from attacking and depicting us a racists & rednecks.  Conquering through Division is an age old tactic, as evidenced most notably by that bearded Socialist, Abe Lincoln.
Look at another notable ‘piece of legislation that was concocted by an ‘earlier’ Federal Congress- the Immigration Act of 1965 and what it did to this country and its people.
Most will probably NEVER know or understand those who objected to it for WE argued then that it would change America forever and set a ball in motion that would ultimately compromise the Sovereignty of this Nation as it would lead to social, economic and political turmoil.  ( Remember what this Confederate has said continuously- ‘First the States were marginalized, and then the people had to be marginalized… although this would take more time and several generations in which to accomplish this.")

The Immigration Act of 1965 did EXACTLY what WE knew it would do- Marginalize the People!
This Act was purposely designed to DESTROY the racial, ethnic character of the white American people, the descendants of the early settlers and Founders. It did AWAY with the National Origins Principle, which favored those from northwestern Europe.  It REPLACED them with the non-white masses of the Third World to the tune of 90%!  The Federal Government, then, knew what THEY were doing.  It was a treasononous act and they knew full well the consequences of what a multicultural, multiracial and universalist America would create as it was a necessary prerequisite in the establishment of their New World Order.
A nation is only as good as the people who compose it.  If you dilute that most essential ingredient, what do you think will happen?  Why then, would or should a healthy nation possessing a vigorous and productive people alter its basic stock & race, for something unproven and, matter of factly, inferior to their own….unless those at the ‘helm’ had a far greater realization of that which they would realize at the expense of the majority?????
And, some 25 years later, George Bush the 1st would so state the recognition of this One World, New World Order during a brief moment of euphoria after the crushing defeat of Sadaam Hussein after the 1st Persian Gulf War in 1991.
As I have said to one and all over these 17 years that I have been involved with The Confederate Movement- LEARN YOUR HISTORY!!!!!!!  Understand what has been STOLEN & TAKEN from YOU!  UNDERSTAND what Political Correctness is ALL about and most importantly, begin to connect those many dots before it is too late for YOU and YOURS.
More importantly, begin to understand this: ‘When the South Lost, so too Did this Entire Nation, but Only WE Confederates Knew it at the Time!’
WE MUST Separate if we are to Survive!  The Federal Leviathan is far too gone and any hope for a return to a Constitutional Republic would require a Federal ‘epiphany’,  and that is NEVER going too happen!
There, in that Confederacy of old, is where our Salvation, Hope and Prayer’s lay….for it was NEVER Surrendered and taken from us via illegal invasion and subsequent conquest.
WE merely need to re-seat that Government and RESTORE it to its RIGHTFUL place among the Nations of this Earth!
Time is growing desperate for we are realizing and living ALL that President Davis predicted because we are now in "that other time and place."
For God, Family and the Confederacy,
Craig Maus,
The Confederate Society of America and Proud Member of The Confederate Alliance of Independent Organizations.
All Roads Lead to 1865….the beginning of the end!
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