The South…Morals, Manners, and Misconceptions
Chuck Sir and the SHNV family,
I haven’t posted here in quite some time; and I shant make up excuses in regards to that matter. As always, the  truth is the best explanation in any situation.
It has been a long hard winter here behind the lines in the land of the great Ape.  As always, in winter my health issues play a larger part in what I do or do not accomplish.
Though this winter my health has held better than any winter in recent memory, there have still been times when I have been down for days. Days of down time are far better than months of down time. So at least this winter I have been somewhat blessed.
I have performed more shows this winter than I have in winter of  the past ten years. At age 60 a resurgence in interest in my music has been a delightful reality. The small amount of new found fame from such faraway places as Australia, Scotland, Wales, Ireland,  Switzerland and Germany shows the remarkable power of the world wide web.
I have the ability to reach people with my "red dirt music" that I never dreamt possible in the past. This new found attention then in turn has led to me performing more and more shows up here in the tri state region. I have waivered naught in my stance to write and perform music that is  a mix of Southern and American Indian in its soul. I am proud of the message I bring to venues of both these sectors of my life.
I believe it is this unique mix of two cultures, their morals, manners, and misconceptions of both that has allowed me at this stage of my life to find what I consider to me success.  At least in my eyes, it is like horseshoes and hand grenades "close is good enough.."
Early this morning, I sent a lengthy email to a close friend in Dixie; someone I know who is a subscriber to  this newsletter. I was trying to explain why I hadn’t been all that involved in Southern issues of late. I’d like to share that mail here, as I thought it pretty much summed up, the who, why, and wherefore.
Before I continue, let me state emphatically, that the email of this early morning is not a reflection of Southerners on this list.  It is a portrait of the apathetic Southerner, the do nothing individual, and unfortunately I believe the majority of those who live in Dixie. Those that are too busy, too scared, or simply too damn lazy to get involved in the cultural war against anything Southern.
After a dozen years now of Southern activism, I realize how much a greenie I was when I first joined the movement. Back then, I thought everyone born in Dixie loved her to the point of that of a parent and a child.  Years later, it is quite obvious that was a fairytale misconception on my part.
Oh the Southern morals and manners are still there, but where is the fire and drive? To me, it appears the fire is but an ember of what once was, and the drive? Well, it seems to me it is more like a three on the tree standard transmission stuck in neutral.
"good morning ——-,
Sorry for an overnight tardy reply. I got caught up in some Indian issues last evening and  the night got away from me. The next thing I knew it was nearing 2 am. Too late to be emailing lol.
You continue to amaze me with your drive and dedication, you are the man I had you figured out to be long before we met.
I hope what you call your dreams for Dixie, turn into reality. When I was young I had dreams, Now as my 61 birthday approaches in May, I look back on a life that has been for the most part a hard row to hoe. Yet it has been a good life with more than its share of excitement.
I have seen a lot of places, had people come into my life from all over the world and from nearly every walk of life. I have done just about everything I ever wanted to do, or at least came close to my goals.
I haven’t worked a Southron issue in weeks. Not from lack of interest certainly, but rather from the inability to shake off the feeling that most folks in the South don’t really give a damn about how precious she is, or realize how great the attack against her is. If they did they would make an effort, a concerted effort, to hold on to the remaining vestiges…..her symbols, chivalry, manners and such.
In truth they have left such duties to what really is little more than a handful of dedicated patriots. As honorable their actions are, the reality is "A handful of warriors might win a battle, they will never win the war."
I don’t believe that most are even aware that there is a cultural war happening in Dixie. If they are, they have a piss poor way of showing any disdain for the outrageous attacks of the damnyankees of today. Those who 150 years after the war, still want to change the South into the image as they wish her to be.
All the above, are why I have thrown myself back into the Indian issues and the fray that entails. At least on the rez they are aware of how quickly this country is going down the road to nowhere, and voices that have been silent are beginning to speak.
The Indian has finally realized that if he or she are to hold on to what they have, be it little or grand, they must fight the fight through education of the young people, and take the fight to the modern battlefields, that being the court system.
There are so many Indian issues on the court dockets these days across this country;  it would stagger the imagination of most. Yet the media pays little to no attention. That will change one day, and I believe that day is coming sooner than later.
Well, I have  rambled long enough. Best regards to you and the family, hope to see you either this summer or fall.

In closing, I know I have run the risk with this post of ticking off some folks. I can hear someone saying "Who the hell does that half-breed copperhead think he is or what does he know?" Let me assure you that was not my intent. Far from it. My intent is to praise those here for your hard work and dedication to the Cause. Everyone needs an atta boy or girl now and then, and the occasional pat on the back. That my friends is the intent of this post.
May God Bless y’all and the Dixie I love and miss so much.
T Warren

Re: The South…Morals, Manners, and Misconceptions
In a message dated 3/31/2011 10:35:23 A.M. Central Daylight Time, writes: Not from lack of interest certainly, but rather from the inability to shake off the feeling that most folks in the South don’t really give a damn about how precious she is, or realize how great the attack against her is.

Don’t try to shake off that feeling, it’s a fact. There’s not many of us. That’s the whole purpose of SHNV. I’ve been stuck on 3500 subscribers for a couple of years, I guess that’s most of us and I don’t think I’ll ever have many more subscribers than that…and a lot of those are probably bad email addresses. I just keep plodding along though. I always expect to get burnt out someday and give this up because of the unbelievable amount of time I have to put in putting the newsletter together. So far, though I’ve stuck with it for about 13 or 14 years.
Chuck Demastus