Moore for governor – and why
Posted: June 01, 2009

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There is one very interesting governor’s race shaping up for 2010 – one in which every American who values liberty should be engaged, no matter where you live.

It is the Alabama campaign of Judge Roy Moore, the man who lost his position as Supreme Court justice for one reason – because he refused to stop acknowledging God.

Before I get into the importance of Moore’s success, and why it will impact the nation, let me first introduce to you a video you have probably never seen before. It was a recording made of the inquisition of Moore by then-Attorney General of Alabama Bill Pryor, now an appellate court judge in the 11th Circuit.

It’s a short clip, but it demonstrates what the real issue was in the government’s deposing of a state Supreme Court chief justice duly elected by the people of Alabama and faithfully executing his oath of office.

The issue was simple: Judge Roy Moore refused to back down in his acknowledgement of God. He could have kept his comfortable position by laying down before the federal inquisitors exceeding their scope of constitutional authority. But he chose principle over pragmatism. He chose God over government.

That’s the kind of man Judge Roy Moore is – a man I am proud to call my friend.

And that’s why he needs to be elected governor of Alabama. As governor, he will stand up to Barack Obama’s Washington, just as he stood up to George Bush’s Washington. But as governor he will have far more authority than he did as chief justice. As governor, he will be able to exert his state’s sovereignty, to claim those constitutional powers reserved to the states rather than placed in the hands of Congress, to make Alabama a bastion of true liberty and a shining city on a hill for all Americans.

That’s why I am excited about this campaign.

It will be of national significance not only because of who Judge Roy Moore is, but because of who his likely Democratic opponent will be – Rep. Artur Davis, a good friend of Barack Obama from back in their Harvard Law School days. Davis fully supports the insanity being promoted by Obama’s administration. He’s cheering it on. He’s supporting it in Congress. He will no doubt be the beneficiary of millions of dollars in campaign contributions from the Obama machine.

In other words, it’s not just a nationally significant race because of Judge Roy Moore’s participation. It’s a nationally significant race because of Obama’s interest and participation.

There are three ways you can help elect Judge Roy Moore and preserve Alabama as an independent, sovereign state that can serve as a beacon of truth and light for the rest of the nation:

* make a contribution in whatever amount you can afford to Judge Roy Moore’s campaign;

* buy a copy or copies of his book, "So Help Me God," and read it, internalize it, share it with friends and get excited about principled political leadership from a man of true character and wisdom. Judge Roy Moore has personally autographed a limited quantity just for those who purchase it at the WND SuperStore.

* most importantly, lift up Judge Roy Moore’s campaign in your prayers every single day;

We need many more men like Judge Roy Moore. If we’re ever going to have them, we must rally behind them when they offer to lead. There will be many important electoral battles waged in 2010. But this may be the most important of all – not just for Alabamans, but for all Americans.

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