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HK ,
Hope you are doing well.  Wednesday Oct 19th is the last day the city cowards – I mean city council – has to act on our monument  . We plan on demonstrating at city hall just to let them know that we are still there.  I appreciate all of the emails you have been sending my way . Someday’s I just need that encouragement that they give me. It does not look to good for our side right now, but I plan on acting like Stonewall Jackson and standup to all of there Northern junk just like our ancestors did. They may move that monument out of Dixie but they want take Dixie out of my heart . I admire you for the stand you take for the people of the South. You are a hero for my children and grandchildren to admire as well as myself.  I pray for you to have safe journeys . I know you changed some peoples hearts in Reidsville .They speak of you daily at the TV Station .  Give them a Rebel Yell for me !!!!!!!!!! My wife loved the t-shirt and hug you gave her . I got to keep an eye on you . God bless you  brother and you are welcome at my house anytime you are close by.

Deo Vindice

To My Friend,
Chuck Hord


From: HK Edgerton <hk.edgerton@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, Oct 20, 2011
Subject: Re: Monument
To: Rodney Hord <chord@triad.rr.com>

God bless each and everyone of you. I wish I could be with you as you make your way to City Hall. I shall never forget the overwhelming show of love and support from the very kind people of Reidsville, and their expressed desires to have their monument back in its place of honor.
However, we must all who are truly loyal Southerners come to a great discern, as did our ancestors of 1861. This Council has adopted a resolve that they are above laws. Laws are to be obeyed not by them, but by the people they govern, and only they can interpret the law.
In this the year of the Sesquicentennial of the War Between the States, we as true Southerners find ourselves reliving the terrors of Reconstruction as those symbols that serve as a lasting reminder of an honorable people who made an honorable stand are now the last attack. It matters not that the South was always right. Southern, social and cultural genocide is at hand here. And the weapon of choice is to pit Southern Black folks against Southern White folks and the spirit of the Southern people will be broken, and the occupation complete.
I pray that the leaders of your Council do not join the ranks of Benedict Arnold, Judas, and Mimi Elrod of Lexington, Virginia. The Alcoa Company of Badin, N.C. had the right idea; bring the Southern people together, and in dialogue, they can sort it out.

Your brother,