Carrollton Confederate Monument Rededication
As of this writing, the Confederate Memorial Statue in Carrollton Georgia turns 100 years old on May 28th, 2010 – exactly 145 days from now. A Rededication Ceremony is scheduled for Saturday, May 29th, 2010
Plans are currently being made for events to mark this event. This historic day will bring many people and groups together for a single honorable purpose. Please pass this email on to anyone and everyone you believe would be an interested party, which should be extended to include all members of the
United Daughters of the Confederacy
Sons of Confederate Veterans
Order of Confederate Rose
Military Order of Stars and Bars
Kappa Alpha Fraternity UWG
local Historic Societies
Media – print, broadcast, and radio
Politicians – local and state
and to EVERY decendant of the following
Carrollton UDC Anne Wheeler Chapter
1st Ga Cav Co E
1st Ga Reserves Cos F I & K
7th CSA Partisan Rangers Co L
7th Ga Regt Co F
34th Ga Regt Co K
37th Ga Inf Co I
41st Ga Inf Co G
56th Ga Redt Cos B C & I
Phillips Legion Cav Co F
Iverson’s Invincibles
Carroll Guards
Cotton Guards
Villa Rica Gold Diggers (19th Ga)
Cunningham Guards (2nd State Line)
Woolhat Boys
Carroll Invincibles
Bowdon Volunteers
Coweta Rangers
Cobb’s Invincibles
Tallapoosa Rangers
Time draws near. Join us on May 29th!