Monument Ave. — Richmond Virginia– A Living Classic


Greetings Chuck and All

Concerning the above print one of your readers informed me from the Confederate Memorial Association that it came out in 1936 to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the start of the WBTS. This is the tribute under picture of Stonewall Jackson Monument.

Sculpted by the Richmond artist F. William Sievers, the monument to Thomas J. (Stonewall) Jackson was unveiled on October 11, 1919, at the intersection of Monument Ave. and the Boulevard. Sievers claimed to have used Jackson’s own horse, Lil Sorrel, then mounted and exhibited at the Old Soldiers’ Home, as the model for the equestrian statue. It was later reported that he had probably used several animals as models, including a Richmond contractor’s horse named "Superior", which he discovered hitched to a post, while he was walking past a building site. The firm and assured countenance of the rider surely reflects Lee’s observation of his general when he reportedly said, "Look! There stands Jackson like a stonewall." Unlike the other statuary on Monument Avenue, Jackson is facing north. Sievers stated that this was in observance of Jackson’s dislike of ever turning his back on the enemy. Although the pedestal is inscribed with the words, "KILLED AT CHANCELLORSVILLE," Jackson was only wounded there. He actually died at Guene Station from pneumonia, a complication of the amputation of his wounded arm.

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Bob Kline
Colonial Heights, Virginia