Reply to Mr. Mondo’s Confederate hate article in the Greenville Online News


Mr. Mondo is so ignorant of true history and facts, it’s like a broken record by these fact-haters. There is only ONE American FLAG that EVER represented hate and racism and slavery = the US Federal Flag. IT is the ONLY American flag that flew over the whole business of slavery and over all slave ships. Only the USA had slave ships; the CSA never did, and never had or wanted the slave business. Slavery was forced upon the South by the North in the 1830’s for the north’s own financial benefits. The North had slavery for 180-200 years before it was forced on the South. Only northern states made laws against blacks entering their borders. The South NEVER in their history had ANY race problems until the Lincoln Carpetbaggers came here and brought their hate with them. Real Southerners always loved their black people and black and whites lived and worked side by side like family – this outraged the north leadership that wanted the races to hate each other and they did all they could (still do) to cause that. The (Christian flag) St. Andrews Cross (Battle flag) stands for freedom FROM tyranny and belongs to the blacks as well as the whites as they proudly fought under it too.

Carrie Taranova (CSA citizen)
Federally Occupied Florida