A yankee asks another yankee about Mole Church and the surprising answer

From: tandpam@shawneelink.net


I am feelin’ guilty about having been lax in posting anything Southron related. Though there is really no excuse worthy being lax in one’s duty, I will not offer an excuse but rather an explanation.

Over the course of the last 16 nights I have performed 13 times in the bi state area up here all while trying to get the crops in on my aunt’s farm during the daytime hours.

I will share an account of a conversation made privy to me this past Friday.
Five houses north of Mole church lives a real gentleman in his mid to late 80’s. He was born less than 3 miles from where he lives now. He lost his wife of 59 years this year, and for whatever reason he visits Pam and I at least once a week but generally 2 or 3x’s. We enjoy his company and his stories of livin’ in Georgia for 35 years where he worked his trade as a welder… Both his son and daughter are Ga born. On Election Day we happened to be at the polls at the same time, in fact I opened the door for him and though he thanked me for doin’ so, he wouldn’t enter till Pam did, (see I said he was a gentleman) and we all walked in together.

While waiting for available voting booths we were just talkin’ quietly amongst ourselves and I caught some 20 to 30 folks watching us. When it came time for Pam (who was first in the line waiting, Sonny (the gentleman’s name) opened the curtain for Pam and closed it behind here. Sonny then took a booth as did I……we exited about the same time, before Pam and I left Sonny (who is highly regarded here in town) gave Pam a hug and shook my hand in front of now 50 or so people lined up to vote, the room full of people had just the strangest look on their faces……

Well Friday Sonny was working in his front yard, and we stopped just to say hey….. He said "Kids I have got the funniest thing to tell you", he said after the two of you left the polls Tues, someone wanted to know what was up with us and all the Confederate stuff at Mole Church, and why was he so friendly to us?

From Sonny’s own lips he said to whoever it was that inquired “Those kids are the real deal, real people, do you have any idea how much they have done for this community? They are involved in charity event after charity event. More than most life long residents. Have you ever stopped to see how they took one of the most dilapidated pieces of property and turned it into a place of beauty? He then turned to one guy who is apparently offended by our flags, and said " what flag do you fly Dale? The guy said “the flag of my country of course." Sonny replied "Exactly………and so do Pam and Terry………..those flags are as American as the stars and stripes….and they deserve equal respect"…………..end of discussion………….

Well, I will not speak for Pam, but when Sonny related that story, not only did the respect I already had for him increase 7 fold, my heart swelled in knowing that there are those that "get the whole picture"……..even if they are yankee born………

I hope this puts a smile on least a small handful of people here faces….don’t give up on us here behind the lines just yet; we are still fightin’ the good fight…….In the shadows of our ancestors

T Warren
Heritage Officer Camp 2022 Ga Div SCV

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