The Molding of the American Character–Part One

by Al Benson Jr.

Recently I read an article on the website written by a homeschooling father of five children, Jim Fedako. His subject was the fact that the government schools have an agenda and he commented on the fact that most people can’t seem to grasp that simple truth.

Mr. Fedako noted: "Why can’t these folks accept that those who fought some 150 years ago for the adoption of government-run schools had an evil agenda? Or that many today use government schools for vile intentions? Why not? " And then he goes on to explain that "the prime end of government-run education is graduates who support the system…This publicly lauded end is termed citizenship and a good citizen always supports the so-called public good of government education." Mr. Fedako observes that when the schools claim their goal is to educate citizens they have no intention of educating citizens who will question what the state does or who will dare to question what the government schools do. In other words, this system is self-perpetuating. They "educate" us so we will continue to make sure their ruling clique stays in power with no embarassing questions from us as to how they use that power.

This is not new. Back in the 1860s, during the Lincoln administration, the infamous Morrill Act was passed. Bet you never read about it in your "history" books, did you? This act was the closest yet that the federal government had come to giving direct aid to education. Supposedly, the Morrill Act was supposed to fund colleges that taught agriculture and mechanical arts. Author John Chodes, however, spelled out the real reason for this in an article that appeared in Chronicles magazine back in the early 1990s. Chodes said that: "The true purpose was to bring the Northern perspective to the reconquered areas of the South, to teach the ‘rebels’ children respect for national authority’–to break their rebellious spirit forever…" In other words, brainwashing! Senator Justin Morrill, the author of this monstrocity stated that "The role of the National government is to mold the character of the American people." That’s pretty outspoken and up-front. The Constitution bequeather no such power to the national government–they simply usurped it and did what they wanted to do, much the same as they do today. They got few complaints from the North because the North had mostly already had thirty years of government schooling and much truth had been "educated" out of most Northern folks. And, unfortunately, today, most good Southern folks fail to realise that government schooling in the South began as a vital part of "reconstruction"–Marxist-style reconstruction.

So why did we have government schools in the North to begin with? Unfortunately, part of the reason was that the Christians up there were asleep at the wheel. The public, or government schools started in Massachusetts and their main mover and shaker there was Horace Mann. Many of you may have heard of him. Schools across the country have been named after him. He is supposed to be the "father of the common schools," with a vision for the education of the masses, who were, if you believe the current propaganda, mostly benighted and illiterate. The only problem with propaganda is that it doesn’t always have to be the truth to be believed.

Samuel Blumenfeld’s book, Is Public Education Necessary? notes the large number of private and charity schools in New England before the government schools began their push to make them irrelevant. It has been estimated that somewhere around 90% of the American people were literate before government schooling became mandatory. That percentage has continued to fall ever since. Blumenfeld noted of Boston in the year 1817 that: "…an astonishing 96% of the town’s children were attending school, and the 4% who did not, had charity schools to attend if their parents wanted them to. Thus there was no justification at all for the creation of a system of public primary schools…" And all this educational endeavor was going on in Boston and not costing the taxpayers a red cent, and it was all private–no government control–and much of it was Christian-oriented. All that had to cease!

The man who was largly responsible for bringing it all to a screeching halt was Horace Mann, previously mentioned. Now Mann was a Unitarian. Many will say "so what?" This is what. The Unitarians were and are noted for their rejection of Trinitarian Christianity and for their rejection of Jesus Christ as the Son of God. In other words, Unitarianism is an apostasy from the orthodox Christian faith.

The late author and theologian, R. J. Rushdoony wrote of Mann: "First and foremost, Mann was a Unitarian. New England Unitarianism was in the forefront of the battle for statist education. For Mann, Unitarianism was true Christianity, and with humorless zeal, he fought for his holy faith…Mann labored, therefore, to free the schools from their basically Christian and independent nature in order to give them true direction, as he saw it, in terms of the state. His hostility against the Calvinism of his day was thus bitter and intense."

Rushdoony has also noted that: "Unitarianism on the whole prided itself in its socialism…State controlled education was one of a number of causes Unitarianism championed; temperance, peace, and abolition, among other causes, also inflamed these humorless reformers. Their answer to all these problems, and many more, was statist action." So what we have here is really a theological issue. Education is a theological issue. It certainly was to Mann. "Secular" education, as such, does not really exist. All education is theological whether people realise that or not.

And so the man who was mainly responsible for government education in the beginning was a Christ-denying Unitarian who resented the fact that so much education in his immediate area was Christian-based. In other words, government schools started out, at their beginning, as a reaction against Christian education. People need to begin to realise that fact.

Stay tuned folks because that’s not all.

Content ©2008 Al Benson Jr.

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