The Molding of the American Character–Part five

Posted Sunday at 4:05 PM
by Al Benson Jr.

Robert L. Thoburn in his book The Children Trap noted the comments of a public school "philosopher" who said that they (the government schools) were uncertain of where they were goiing and were not sure why they were doing what they were doing. This person must either have been terribly naive or he hoped his audience was. If the government school system was that "lost" then, according to the law of averages, they’d make a mistake in the right direction once in awhile and the kids would actually benefit. This doesn’t happen. And it doesn’t happen because the people that, over the years, have run this system know right well where they are going and why they do what they do. They just don’t want the rest of us to know.

Several years ago now, author Gary North wrote: "Meeting with a group of Christians in Austin (Texas) on May 19, 1986,  (Attorney General James) Mattox revealed his true colours when asked, ‘Is it true that the State of Texas owns our children? Mattox retorted Yes it is true…and not only your children, but you, too! ‘ That pretty much sums up the Marxist attitude of the government and its education system toward us and our children. We raise the kids, pay the taxes, and, at the proper time, turn the kids over to their real parent–the state–so it can mold their character in its own image, and if that sounds a little idolatrous, maybe that’s because it is.

Make no mistake, the government’s educational establishment is not about to let what you taught your children at home go unchallenged. Those narrow, religious, patriotic attitudes you sought to instill in your children have got to go. They need to put aside such parocial illusions and learn to become "citizens of the world"–and the system of education advocated by Karl Marx is fully on hand to make sure that happens.

Linda Kimball, has written: "For over forty years, the New Left–a collection of Marxists, Stalinists, Trotskyites, Maoists, and anarchists have been waging a Gramscian style ‘quite revolution’ for the overthrow of Christianity and America’s Constitution, Rule of Law, sovereignty, and way of life…Marxist-trained psychopoliticians, propagandists, and change agents have descended upon the schools and are subjecting children and older youth to thought control and social re-engineering methodologies."  I agree with everything Kimball stated, except for the time frame. This sort of brainwashing (let’s call it what it is) has been going on for a lot longer than forty years. Kimball has made an honest mistake, one that most folks make, in that she has seen what open and overt actions have gone on in recent decades, but has not yet been able to discern the same thing having gone on covertly for much longer. The reason all of this is so overt now is that the seeds for Leftist revolution were sown so well covertly in previous generations that the revolutionaries now feel they can come out of the closet and no one will really challenge them. In most cases, sadly, they are right. Where they should be challenged en masse by the Christian community, the Christians are mostly asleep, thinking that an hour of Sunday School on the Lord’s Day is enough to combat thirty-plus hours of humanism during the week at school, delivered to the kids, prime time, all week. Harmless as doves we are; wise as serpents we a’int!

The cultural Marxists are out there now, in growing numbers, in groups most people never heard of or will hear of, but they still do their damage to the family. These groups feel the state has more claims to children than do their parents. They are the spiritual descendants of Senator Justin Morrill, who, during the Lincoln administration said that a prime task of government was to mold the character of the American people.

Earlier this year the San Francisco Chronicle ran an interview that said: "(Leslie) Heimov (Executive Director of the Children’s Law Center in Los Angeles) said her organization’s chief concern was not the quality of the children’s education, but their ‘being in a place daily where they could be observed by people who had a duty to ensure their ongoing safety’." She doesn’t care whether the kids ever get a jot of education or not, as long as they are being kept "safe" in a state-run institution. And what, pray tell, is the state keeping them safe from–why the attitudes and ideas they might learn at home from their parents–especially if those parents happen to be Christians! The whole idea behind all this is the Marxist concept that the state is responsible for the care and nurture of the children’s minds and characters and not their parents. Doesn’t that just give you all the warm fuzzies–the state will assume the role of surrogate parent, Big Brother parent, and you don’t have to do anything except hand the kids over and sit back and watch their characters be molded. You may end up not liking the results after awhile, but, hey, maybe you shouldn’t have handed the kids over in the first place. By God’s grace, some of us didn’t.

And just how will the government schools "educate" your kids?  Well, according to WorldNetDaily there is now a new McDougal Littel Literature book out and in use in some states that spends fifteen precious pages giving coverage to the inestimable Barack Obama! No mention of Insane McCain, St. Hitlery, or even Senor Bush–just Barack Obama and his "life of service".  One mother in Wisconsin has complained about this, but asked that her name be withheld because she fears retaliation. From who–the school system? Has the government school system finally got so raunchy in its force-feeding of this fertilizer to the kids that parents are afraid to step forward publicly and complain because they fear retaliation, either against themselves or their kids?

I’m sorry, but it’s long past time that parents woke up and began to smell the coffee by starting to remove their kids from these mindbending institutions. Until they begin, in  sufficient numbers, to realize the problem and to take their kids and run from the government schools then it is only going to get worse, not better. That may sound like a grim note to end this on, but that’s where we are today and we better start coming to grips with it.

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