As a word of introduction, I performed the investigation and developed evidence for McSweeny and Crump, P.C. law firm in the recent Richmond Lincoln Statue scam matter.

Ultimately U.S. Historical Society was charged $23,000.00 in civil fines by the Virginia Commonwealth Attorney General’s office and the matter was sent to the criminal division of U.S. Internal Revenue Service for their action against U.S. Historical Society, a Richmond company with tentacles reaching to other fictitious companies. As a result it appears all associated companies shutdown and U.S. Historical Society moved it’s offices apparently to destroy and hide records, we are told.

Several months ago, I spoke with Mark Sauer on the telephone and scheduled a meeting with him regarding the MOC matter. I offered to make an explanatory overview presentation of Museum of Confederacy and Tredegar Museum that would explain the behind-the-scene real intent, motives and direction of those that would rewrite Richmond and Southern history by watching the money trail through political correct actions. At that time, Waite Rawls was living in Mark Sauer’s converted carriage house on his property. Later a second telephone call from Mark Sauer changed my original intend and included Waite Rawls in our meeting. Then another change occurred from an office meeting to a restaurant lunch meeting. Finally a telephone call cancelled the lunch meeting because Mark Sauer was called out of town and the gathering was never rescheduled and I never heard from them again. I viewed the Museum of Confederacy matter as an extension and building on the politically correct direction of the Lincoln Statue matter. It is clearly a chess board moving one piece at a time until the Confederate memory is changed and forgotten by the new generation. Also an industry of "Lincoln Scholars" and alike for profit has and is being created to enforce New Speak revisionist history. We see behavior of traitors within our ranks.

We believe Waite Rawls, et al, is acting to bring together the history and artifacts of Museum of Confederacy with northern controlled Tredegar (U.S. Historical Society’s Lincoln Statue) Museum placing the control and management under politically correct mindsets to watered down Southern history for their historically correct and financially controlled agendas. That has been the agenda purpose up to this time.

Those caretakers of Southern history often are of the same social ilk and operate in the same social circles as the Tredegar Museum management scum. Ultimately, they will sacrifice their heritage for business considerations and 30 pieces of silver coin. All evidence points to money profits.

To move the Museum of Confederacy to Lexington, Virginia, with name change makes absolutely no sense from any perspective unless one desires to change history. I am certain, regardless of individual chess moves; the ultimate goal is to unify all history and financial control under one ‘Northern mindset’ management.

A.C. Griffith
Richmond, Virginia

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