Friends of Dixie,
I wanted to make a couple of comments on the MOC situation.  These thoughts I have made known before, so I will make this as short as possible.  We have a museum which houses some of the most important artifacts of the Confederacy.  The museum does not seem to be doing an honourable job of presenting the ‘story of the Confederacy.’  What we need to do is find out a few facts.  How many members does the MOC have?  How are the members of the board elected or appointed?  We have some excellent leaders and educators in the Southern ranks.  Look at our S.D. Lee Institute, and the quality people we have involved with that project.  Then let’s put that same quality of leadership into action and work to "regain" control of the MOC.  And once we get control, let us make sure that it can never again be ‘captured’ by scalawags.  It is much too precious a treasure to be guarded by less than honourable trustees.  We have close to 30,000 SCV members alone.  I can’t imagine that the MOC has the numbers to combat us.
Brett Moffatt