Advice regarding MOC membership



Please publish this response as what we who truly cherish our Confederate heritage should do in regards to the Museum of the Confederacy. I posed the question to Cmdr. Brandon Dorsey of whether I should continue to be a member or work within the organization to change it. Cmcr. Dorsey is a highly respected member of the Virginia Division, SCV. Below is his response:

Dr. Huskins,

Normally my reaction in any such situation would be to stay in and fight. In recent years I have been a sustaining member of the MOC despite my reservations about maintaining my membership because I was convinced that if all the "real" Confederates quit supporting the MOC that things could get even worse. At this point I do not see how it could get any worse. The only step left for them is to start selling off the collection and there is no public accounting of the inventory. (The MOC lost their accreditation for their failure to adequately document and report their inventory. Past board members also have accused the Rawls administration of cooking the books.)

I have to say in all honesty that the MOC as an organization is THE Lost Cause. The MOC is an impenetrable cartel. The board is self appointing and self anointing. Reasoning has failed to sway them, bad press has failed to sway them, thousands of complaints has yet to sway them, etc. I had one board member tell me to "take a hike" because as Virginia Division Commander I stood up to them on these issues, especially the attempts to desecrate the Confederate Whitehouse.

There comes a time when you simply have to turn your back on a loved one and let them suffer the consequences of their actions. We may still hope that the MOC board will reverse course, but that is unlikely. I would suggest that all good Southerners immediately cease and desist all aid of any sorts to the MOC.

The best hope we have is for the SCV to use that dues increase to create a new Confederate Museum, one chartered in such a way that the officers thereof agree to be shot without benefit of trial should they suggest we prostitute our heritage like the MOC has. It will need our financial support as well as donations of artifacts we may posses. If it could develop a flag restoration program similar to the MOC, then perhaps political pressure could be applied to have the states remove their flags from the MOC and designate them to this museum. The rest we will have to buy at Christi’s or on Ebay when the MOC finally goes belly up as the government will not fund them for perpetuity.

Brandon Dorsey
The Stonewall Brigade 1296
Lexington, VA

Dr. Arnold M. Huskins
Augusta, Ga.