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For those of you that can’t believe that the Museum of the Confederacy would give their Jefferson Davis award to Elizabeth Brown Pryor for her ripping apart a Southern icon, Robert E. Lee, read this interview and you will get a feel for what this book is all about. The author, a former National Park Service employee, was also the recipient of a $20,000 award for her anti-Southern book by none other than the "Lincoln Scholars". Rawls and Coski should be ashamed. They keep on stooping lower and lower. Quite disgusting!!!

Please send your MoC membership cards to me for a card burning in front of the Museum at a time TBD

Grayson Jennings
Mechanicsville, Va.

The Edmund Ruffin Fire Eaters Camp#3000 may be headed to Gettysburg to sell barf bags to visitors at the new Gettysburg Visitors Center who wish to watch their orientation (brainwash) movie of the war. I hear it’s absolutely disgusting! Somehow, Martin Luther King manages time travel and has a guest appearance. Incredible!!!!