MOC Man of the Year?
Friends of the Confederacy, is there any way we can disclaim any association with these idiots?  It seems that whomever is on this board, they do NOT know what this war was fought about nor do they have any idea of history and why this war took place at whose orders!  I cannot understand why this group is still even holding meetings. They are no less than total traitors to the cause for which that museum is built for!
Is this due to some sort of confusion amongst the people that run this pile of garbage?  Are they having problems remembering anything at all that holds truth about that war and the place they built to "Honor" those of the South that fought died and were maimed from this war?  I believe that maybe all are suffering from Alzheimer’s and we should replace them all.  I cannot figure out why they would honor the enemy, but given the state of this nation at the moment, it falls directly in line with all the other garbage put out by the President now in office.
I would say that I would pray for them, but I think it is beyond that now and the only thing that I could think of hoping for is a fire to burn it all down because to have a bunch like this doing what they are doing, then it has no place in time nor history and if it just happened to burn to the ground, it would be much better then standing there defaming all that the South stood for!
Just my two cents worth.  A matter of my "OPINION" and the great one has not taken that from us YET!
Leon Puissegur
Author/ Forward the Colors
Lt. Commander
Nathan Bedford Forrest Camp 1930
Covington, LA.