Friday – September 12, 2014

Posted by "Jerryd14 -The War – The Confederate Flag – Southern People and our History"

I have previously stated that in visits I made as a small school child more than 55 years ago, were so exciting. We would be walked through the old Brockenbrough house, the White House of The Confederacy, which was where president and Varina Davis and their family live in Richmond from August 1861 until April 1865.

The house was opened up by Richmond ladies in 1886, and as time went on a move was made to collect museum items, relics, books, flags, weapons, uniforms, letters, personal mementos and all such Confederate historical items as they could gather.

Many of these items were directly from the Confederate veteran or his family, and were loaned or gifted obviously with the sole intention of care and love by and for Confederate and Southern people. TIMES HAVE CHANGED, and today the rotten liberals have wormed their way into the museum and have taken over. As the generations have passed away and are not here today to speak up in protest, you and i MUST PROTEST FOR THEM. THE LEADERS AT THE MOC have for a few years refused to fly the confederate battle flag out front of the new museum building that sits next door and beside the old White House. The leaders have slowly, year by year infiltrated this institution, just as foreigners have filtered into America and are changing our customs and traditions and destroying America, these people are destroying the MOC. For several years a move has been underfoot where many in the black community have pushed for slave stories, and slave museums, and I am fine with it, with their money, time to do as they please, but leave our Confederate Museum alone. Not to be. You see, infiltrators, work within, they sneak in with false pretenses, get control and change things to suit their objectives. Another TROJAN HORSE. They first worked with the Black city mayor and council. and other Black anti Confederate groups, to take control, and as they have the museum is changing to a more Political Correct place, or simply put, screw the CSA we are turning the place into a political correct center, where we can bash the CSA AND ALL IT STOOD FOR BEFORE THEY ARE FINISHED AND ERASED. And just like every other thing they are put in charge of, it gets corrupted, defaced, lost and destroyed in a few short years, just as the MOC will.

These same half breed liberal whites, many carpet baggers, are involved in several Richmond area attacks on Southern history. Three years ago the Confederate flags were forced to be removed from the Confederate Memorial Chapel on the grounds where the later built Virginia Museum of Fine Arts was added. So here they come along with Yankee leaders and have the Confederate Flags removed from the Chapel, and some of these same people are also involved in the removal of the Confederate Battle flags that for many years flew at the entrance of the MOC, but not any more. THIS IS A DAMN DISGRACEFUL SHAME. Today the MOC has very few of the thousands and thousands of artifacts, weapons, uniforms, books, dishes, art, furniture, and so many other things donated in good faith for exhibit by Southerners, who support and respect and Honor the service, sacrifices and bravery of the Confederate States Army and Navy, and today these imposters are squandering and disposing of relics and valuables to who knows where. yOU CANNOT SEE BUT A FEW ITEMS WHEN YOU VISIT THEM PLACE TODAY, WHRE ARE TYHE THOUSANDS OF MUSKETS, RIFLES, SWORDS, REVOLVERS, BAYONETS, BELTS, CANTEENS, KNAPSACKS, COATS, HATS, DRUMS, BUGLES, SPURS, BOOKS, LETTERS, UNIFORMS, WATCHES, PICTURES , ART, FLAGS, It appears a merger is happening between the MOC and the Richmond Civil War Center at the old Tredegar museum location, a Liberal controlled place to water down and destroy our past. This is rotten to the core and it makes med mad. Our nation is under siege, I for one, would avail myself into a group of Americans who want to take back control of our nation, but I am afraid I have waited too late as few agree with me it seems, and for this I am sad but determined to stay the course as things can change and I want to be a part of the change back to our traditional America, and our Southern heritage and culture being re-instated. Please do your part, go online to  ( Save the Museum of the Confederacy) contribute to help them fight this action, money is needed if the fight is to be won.  Raise some voices, FACEBOOK, and this blog and at every site you can go to and state your opposition. Our history is fading fast, do your part to resist it.

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